Issaquah man threatens to throw rock through police station window | Police blotter

A man asked Issaquah police to arrest him Nov. 1, stating he needed help.

A man asked Issaquah police to arrest him Nov. 1, stating he needed help.

When police told him they couldn’t because he hadn’t committed a crime, he threatened to throw a rock through the police station window to receive mental health services. He reconsidered his threat and later decided his mental health combined with alcohol warranted a hospital visit.

The man was sent to Evergreen Hospital for an evaluation.


An elderly Issaquah woman was seen digging up a bush on city property near Issaquah Creek on Nov. 2.

The woman told police the “butterfly bush” was noxious and needed to be trimmed after it bloomed. Police contacted the city’s arborist, who confirmed the bush is a noxious weed and the city no longer purchases them.

He also said that if the woman wanted to trim them she “was more than welcome.”


An Issaquah man reported a young man threatened him Oct. 31 after he asked him to slow down while driving through the community center parking lot. The young driver reportedly cursed at the man and warned him he would physically harm the man if he touched his truck again.


An Issaquah woman reported Nov. 1 that the screen to her rear sliding glass door was missing and that black electrical tape was around a light fixture just outside her front door. The caller wanted the strange activity documented, but said she would contact condo maintenance to see if they had anything to do with it.


On Oct. 30 a man reported someone stole a laptop computer, a pair of running shoes and a black nylon bag from his unlocked car parked in the 2500 block of 33rd Avenue Northeast. The total loss was estimated at $3,080.


Four juveniles were caught lighting fireworks and throwing eggs at an Issaquah home Oct. 31. No property was damaged and the kids were released to their homes.