Issaquah, Sammamish Water District sign run-off agreement

The City of Issaquah and the Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District have signed an agreement to explore jointly funding construction of a water treatment system specifically for urban storm water runoff.

According to the city, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed June 3 and lists each parties individual responsibilities and the commitments to the project. The agreement will require an interlocal agreement between the two entities, as well as requires the two design, construct and test the treatment system for runoff generated fro a portion of the Issaquah Highlands. The runoff must meet the MOU’s water quality standards before it will be able to be infiltrated to recharge the Lower Issaquah Valley Aquifer.

Previously, the two groups had disagreed on how much influence the infiltration would have on the aquifer, but both sides have agreed to focus on enhancing the system rather than dealing with further litigation and appeals.

There will be an Aug. 30 hearing before the Pollution Control Hearings Board to resolve how the storm water should be managed.