Issaquah watching for illegal street racing after citywide reports

Police are placing special emphasis on street racing enforcement

Issaquah Police Department is increasing emphasis on street racing enforcement, following multiple reports throughout the city, according to a city post Sept. 10.

The department has put special emphasis on this. If an officer finds cause of illegal racing, according to police, they issue citations, have vehicles involved towed and even arrest those involved.

The department also reminded the public that a loud muffler is not always a sign of street racing and not evidence that is supposed to be used to pull over a vehicle.

“Street racing is not only illegal, but extremely unsafe. Drivers and spectators are often injured because of reckless driving. Please help keep our community safe – street racing is not worth the risk,” the statement reads.

Those who choose to report street racing should include the following when calling 911: Vehicle and driver descriptions, license plate numbers, location and last seen direction of travel, and any other additional details that would be relevant to an investigation. Police ask residents do not follow vehicles in an attempt to gather this information.