Issaquah youth perform timely message during pandemic

Students with the Kaleidoscope School of Music are putting together a performance for Aug. 31 on YouTube

Issaquah youth from the Kaleidoscope School of Music are using their musical talents to honor the lives of those affected by the pandemic.

Jordan Harnar, a Newport High School junior, coordinated with other students to recreate the song “We Are the World.” The other 11 musicians recorded their instruments in their own homes. Harnar then spent hours working on the audio mixing, video and coordination of the musicians.

The video performance is set to air on YouTube at 4 p.m., Aug. 31.

In a press release from Downtown Issaquah Association, Harnar said they are using this song to honor the folks impacted by COVID-19, including healthcare workers and online learning for educators.

“It is inspirational to see our youth stand together,” Charles McCrone, director of Kaleidoscope School of Music, stated in a press release.

“We Are the World,” written by Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson, is most known for raising famine relief funds for African countries in 1985. Recently, Richie performed the song, featuring several American Idol stars and judges, also in honor of the pandemic. Another celebrity rendition was also released following the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

The Kaleidoscope musicians encourage viewers to donate to UNICEF to support the fight against the virus and supporting these essential workers. Harnar also suggests donation options for Black Lives Matter initiatives, recognizing the constant injustices facing Black Americans.

They encourage those moved by their performance to visit the following links for donations: