Local leaders denounce Lambert’s political flyer, endorse her opponent

Some have said KC Councilmember Kathy Lambert’s flyer was racist and offensive.

Local leaders from cities in East King County have issued a joint statement condemning King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert and endorsing her opponent, Sarah Perry, after Lambert’s campaign mailed a flyer depicting her opponent as a “socialist puppet.”

Many including King County Councilmember Girmay Zahilay, who was also depicted on the flyer, have publicly called the imagery used on the flyer as racist and offensive.

The statement below is from Issaquah City Councilmembers Tola Marts and Chris Reh, Carnation City Councilmember Tim Harris, North Bend Mayor Rob McFarland and Snoqualmie Councilmember Jim Mayhew.

The statement reads:

“A fundamental responsibility of elected representatives is to serve and respect everyone in their community. We have serious issues to address to keep our communities healthy and safe and must stand united against divisive ideological politics. We were saddened and dismayed that county council incumbent Kathy Lambert not only sent offensive mailers about her opponent but also did not take responsibility when the harm of this message was shown. We believe hyper partisan attacks have no place in our elections and most certainly not in governing. The incumbent has lost sight of this fundamental responsibility and it’s time for her to step aside. We encourage voters to demand their elected officials work with leaders from all backgrounds, as Kathy’s opponent has pledged to do, and therefore endorse Sarah Perry for King County Council.”