Man caught with pants down in Sammamish church | Police blotter

A Mary Queen of Peace church employee contacted police March 27 after she witnessed a man possibly masturbating in one of the worship rooms.

The following information was compiled from city of Issaquah and Sammamish police reports:

A Mary Queen of Peace church employee contacted police March 27 after she witnessed a man possibly masturbating in one of the worship rooms.

As the woman approached a window she saw a man in his 50s stand up, pull up his pants, zip his fly and throw on his jacket and hat. The man reportedly ran quickly out of the church to his sliver sedan and exited the church parking lot.

The employee said she’s never seen the man before and she knows most of the church members. She was concerned the church was being targeted because of recent media coverage on marriage equality.


A Sammamish woman called police March 27 after a neighbor accelerated his Mercedes toward her and began yelling and cussing at her.

The woman, who was walking her dog off-leash on the Eastlake Sammamish Trail in the 3800 block of East Lake Sammamish Shore Lane, said the vehicle just stopped short of her knees and she could feel the heat from the car’s grill.

The man allegedly flipped the woman off before driving away. The woman said she understood the man being upset for her not having her dog on a leash, but was extremely threatened by his behavior.


A City of Sammamish Parks employee witnessed a man in his 60s or 70s throw an empty Pabst Blue Ribbon can out his window the afternoon of March 27 in East Sammamish Park.

The employee believes the same man is littering in other parks around the city as workers continue to find empty PBR cans.

Police contacted the man, who said the can was not his and that he found it on the ground and couldn’t find a garbage to throw it away in. He was given a warning about littering.


A Sammamish resident spotted an 18-year-old Eastlake High School student smoking marijuana in his vehicle near the campus March 29 and contacted police.

Officers found the student as he was headed back to campus. He surrendered a bong and 4.5 grams of weed. School officials emergency expelled the student.


A 28-year-old Issaquah woman contacted Sammamish police March 25 after she found a 12-gauge shotgun missing at her mother’s apartment.

The woman said she put the gun in her mother’s closet last November and in the process of recently moving, her mother noticed it was gone. The gun is valued at $400. There are no suspects in the case.


A pair of brothers from Renton were rescued by other boaters March 26 after their fishing boat capsized in Beaver Lake.

The men, aged 64 and 67, weren’t wearing life vests at the time of accident. Their was boat was recovered.


Issaquah Police responded to a call March 28 of four juveniles getting on top of the roof at the senior center. The four boys climbed down as police arrived and were warned about their behavior.


An Issaquah woman called police March 23 to report her vehicle was broken into and her purse was stolen at the Newport Way park and ride. Thieves made off with $600 cash, a $100 wallet and a $150 purse. There was also $2,500 in damage done to the vehicle.


Issaquah police were contacted March 28 after two males were reported spray painting a car behind a restaurant on Front Street. Police discovered that one of the men was the owner of the vehicle.


A Sammamish man called police March 27 after he and his wife were unable to locate an $8,000 wedding ring and a $500 band.

The couple, who live in an apartment in the 22000 block of Inglewood Hill Road, said they went missing after a maintenance worker came by to do repairs.

It is unknown if the rings were stolen, misplaced or lost.


Issaquah police responded to a call March 22 of two individuals following a package delivery driver, possibly trying to steal delivered items in the 3000 block of Northeast Harrison Street.

The suspects allegedly fled the area when the caller picked up her package. Police were unable to locate anyone matching the description.


An Issaquah woman contacted police March 23 to report a man using vulgar language towards her after she confronted the man about his dogs “peeing and pooping” on the sidewalk.