Man tries to run roadblock, calls cops ‘Gestapo’ | Sammamish Police Blotter

That and more in this week's selections from Sammamish Police Department incident reports.

Domestic violence

Sammamish police arrested a 23-year-old Anchorage man for investigation of domestic violence and vandalism on June 2 in the 22600 block of Inglewood Hill Road. According to a police report, the man and his fiancée had gotten into a fight, broken up and she was about to leave. The man said he was trying to stop the woman from leaving with his dog, when his foot was run over by a different car. The woman said that as she tried to leave, he was pulling on her car door and bent it, then broke the window. The man admitted to breaking the window but said he thought it happened accidentally when his foot was run over.

Bicyclist hit

A 35-year-old Kent man riding a bicycle in an organized event at the intersection of Northeast Eighth Street and 244th Avenue Northeast was hit by a large, box truck with a white cab. The truck made a left turn onto Eighth, and kept going, witnesses said. The victim sustained injuries to his stomach and groin, and the Bicycle was extensively damaged, a report said.

Home burglarized

A man who lives in the 22400 block of Northeast Ninth Drive told police on June 13 that he and his family went out to dinner in Seattle. While they were there, someone broke into their vehicle and stole a laptop. They reported that case to Seattle police then returned home to find someone had stolen an XBox 360, an IBM Lenovo laptop computer and a DVD of baby sonograms from their house. Loss was estimated at $2,900.

Argumentative man

Sammamish police cited a man for failure to obey an officer after he argued with police and tried to go through a roadblock where police were diverting traffic around a five-car accident at East Lake Sammamish Parkway and Northeast 16th Street. The officer repeatedly asked the man to stop, he cursed and later referred to officers as “the Gestapo.”