Man wielding knives on toilet surrenders to Sammamish police | Police blotter

Sammamish police were called to a residence in the 1500 block of 228th Avenue Southeast June 30 after a 29-year-old man locked himself in the bathroom with knives.

The following information was compiled from city of Sammamish police reports:

Sammamish police were called to a residence in the 1500 block of 228th Avenue Southeast June 30 after a 29-year-old man locked himself in the bathroom with knives.

The man, who was over at his girlfriend’s painting, said her father started swearing at him and threw a boot at him, which instigated a fist fight between the two men.

The suspect then grabbed two knives, which he said were for personal protection, saying he was going to hold them until police came.

When officers arrived, they found the man sitting on the toilet with one of the knives to his neck.

The victims declined to assist in the prosecution, saying they were not threatened and didn’t feel the suspect would hurt them.


A Sammamish woman contacted police June 30 after loud music was heard emanating from her neighbor’s back yard.

Officers went to check on the noise complaint and confirmed the music was in fact a violation of the noise ordinance.

The offender said she just moved in the house in the 23000 block of Southeast 45th Place the day before and couldn’t believe her neighbor already called the police on her.


A Sammamish woman called police June 28 after discovering someone rifled through her car and stole the wedding ring she stored in the ashtray.

Thieves made off with the $4,000 ring as well as a coin collection from the car parked in an apartment complex in the 22700 block of Southeast 29th Street.


A Sammamish woman called police June 24 after she was unable to start her car and noticed weather stripping damage in the interior of her vehicle.

She was concerned as there had been other reports of vandalism and theft at her condo complex in the 500 block of 225th Lane Northeast. Officers said the damage appeared to be from deterioration and there were no forced signs of entry.

The woman said she was certain someone entered the engine comportment of her hybrid and disabled the alarm and electronics. Officers then discovered the head light was left on overnight.

The woman was adamant about not leaving the light on and said she may have hit the switch while trying to start her car in the morning.


A Sammamish man called police June 28 after a man came to his door and sold his daughter a Seattle Times subscription. The man said he felt his daughter was scammed so he tracked down the man and grabbed his ID before contacting police.

It turned out the man was in fact a legitimate salesman for the Seattle Times, but he did not have a proper Sammamish business license. The man gave back the salesman’s ID and the salesman agreed to cancel the subscription.


A 23-year-old Sammamish man was arrested the early morning of June 30 after driving under the influence. The man, who was traveling up Northeast Inglewood Hill road, was going only 10  miles per hour — 25 under the posted speed limit of 35 mph.

When officers pulled the man over he began venting about issues surrounding his soon-to-born child, his job and something about previous contacts with law enforcement.

The man, who admitted to drinking since he got off work at 6:30 p.m. the previous day, blew a .175. He was booked into the Issaquah Jail.