New Issaquah bike club to give riders a unified voice

A number of recent developments have brought increased attention to bicycling in and around Issaquah.

A number of recent developments have brought increased attention to bicycling in and around Issaquah.

For mountain bikers, it’s been the overwhelming popularity of the new Duthie Hill mountain bike park, and the discussion of a smaller mountain bike skills park in the Highlands, part of the closely-watched Issaquah Highlands/Park Pointe Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) deal.

For road bike riders, including bicycle commuters, it’s been the numerous road projects currently underway or in planning, and their impact on nonmotorized ways of getting around.

At the same time, state and local governments have made commitments to reducing carbon emissions, and so bicycle commuting has become a key policy piece.

In the midst of the popularity of Duthie Hill, and the success of the first Issaquah Outdoors business initiative, the Issaquah City Council stated it was eager to assess new mountain bike opportunities in Issaquah.

And while the bike riders of all kinds share in many of the concerns and benefits related to these various projects, as yet there has emerged no unified, organized voice from the bicycling community in Issaquah.

That is about to change. A group of local cycling enthusiasts this week announced the formation of the Issaquah Bicycle Club (IBC).

The vision for the IBC is to bring together all people with a passion for riding, to expand riding opportunities, and to organize as a community- and environment-conscience voice for bicycling interests in and around Issaquah.

“I believe there is a lot of pent-up demand for such a bicycle club,” said one of the organizers, Paul Winterstein, who also serves on the city’s Human Services Commission. “And perhaps more importantly to most riders is that they enjoying riding and they want to do more of it, and they wish this passion was somehow grounded in Issaquah.”

The IBC has tentatively scheduled a first meeting for Sept. 9. For more information about the IBC, or to get involved, visit