One driver killed on SR 18 after tree falls

On Wednesday, Feb. 14, a driver traveling eastbound on State Route 18 near Issaquah-Hobart Road suffered a fatal collision when a tree fell on the car.

The incident occurred around 9:15 p.m. The Eastside Fire and Rescue (EF&R) spokesperson said no other vehicles were impacted or involved in the collision.

Although they could not determine the cause of the falling tree, EF&R responds to fatal incidents involving tree impacts almost every year, the spokesperson said.

“These deaths involve trees impacting vehicles, some striking directly on the person(s) and other times colliding with a home. This is something our region deals with due to high winds, weather events and our numerous large trees.”

The roadway was cleared by crew members. Washington State Patrol is investigating the incident.

When the weather becomes volatile, the EF&R spokesperson warned, people should take extra precautions: “We encourage people to stay home during storms or wind events, have the trees around their homes evaluated by professionals, and stay as vigilant as possible when out in weather.”