Sammamish neighbors find girls underwear in the brush | Police blotter

Sammamish Police were contacted by a landscaper July 3 who found several items of young ladies underwear behind a neighborhood sign.

The following information was compiled from City of Sammamish police reports:

Sammamish Police were contacted by a landscaper July 3 who found several items of young ladies underwear behind a neighborhood sign.

Officers crawled through the brush to get behind the sign at Southeast Belvedere Way and Trossachs Boulevard Southeast, to find “four old wet and bug infested girls underwear.” The underwear were not torn.

Police reported the spot was hidden from view of homes and traffic and may have been a place for teens to go and engage in sexual activity.


Sammamish police were called on the Fourth of July after a man was allegedly hit by the mirror of a vehicle after questioning teens in his neighborhood. The man flagged down the car, which followed him down Southeast 35th Street, before turning around at a dead end.

Earlier the man said he saw a firework fly out the vehicle’s window. When the car stopped, the man said he asked the driver why he was in his neighborhood and a young man responded by saying he was just trying to get home. The man told the teen he knew he didn’t live in the neighborhood and that’s when the car revved its engine and took off, striking the man in the elbow.

The man wasn’t hurt. The incident is still under investigation.


A Sammamish woman called police July 2 after someone attempted to break down her door with their foot. The woman’s husband checked the door, which was still locked, but severely damaged.

Police searched the area near the 1700 block of East Lake Sammamish Parkway Southeast with a K-9 unit, but were unable to locate any suspects.


A Sammamish woman called police July 5 after noticing plastic wrap surrounding trees near the intersection of Southeast 25th Street and 272nd Way Southeast.

She said there were instances of plastic wrap being stretched across the street about a year ago and was concerned juveniles in the area might be starting to do it again.


A Sammamish man called police July 1 after discovering someone sideswiped his BMW, causing $1,300 in damage to the rear drivers’ side.

The man, who was parked along the 4200 block of East Lake Sammamish Parkway, said he wasn’t sure who did it, but there has been work going on near his residence involving big trucks.


Two Sammamish residents contacted police June 28, reporting someone broke into their vehicles in the early morning. One man went to gas up his vehicle before noticing that his driver’s license and two credit cards were missing from his wallet.

He left the billfold in his vehicle overnight. Another neighbor called to report someone stole three pairs of sunglasses from her car valued at $800. Both victims were parked in front of their homes in the 23300 block of Southeast 26th Place.


A Sammamish man called police July 2 after someone blew up his garbage can lid with fireworks. The man, who lives in the 23900 block of Southeast 25th Court, heard a loud bang the night before and noticed the damage in the morning.

The hinges on the lid were torn apart by force, but the garbage can was still standing.


A Sammamish woman called police July 6 after someone lit a firework off in her front yard. The victim was watching a station wagon move slowly outside her home and then heard someone yell, “go, go, go.” The woman said the device started a small fire in her grass and she put it out with a hose.

Officers found a scorch mark on the pavement where it appears the device was ignited.