Thief poaches gold-tip boots from doorstep | Police blotter

A Sammamish woman reported the size 7 1/2 Chanel gold tip boots she ordered off of eBay were stolen from her doorstep on Northeast 24th Place.

A Sammamish woman reported the size 7 1/2 Chanel gold tip boots she ordered off of eBay were stolen from her doorstep on Northeast 24th Place.

The victim, who was out of town between Dec. 23 and Dec. 29., checked the packing number and confirmed that the US Postal Service had delivered her package. The woman paid $350 for the boots, but said they were valued at $1,200.

Multiple eggings

A Sammamish man reported Dec. 22 that his home was egged two days in row while his wife and two children were away. Upon arrival the officer noted the odor of eggs as he approached the door to the home on 200 block of Northeast Place.

The ground was wet from the having been washed off a car and the home, creating an icy hazard. The resident later reported that he fell and struck his head on the bumper of the vehicle, suffering a bruised cheek and possible concussion while trying to clean up the mess.

Neither the home owners or their teenage children knew who would be targeting them. They said they would be adding a camera system outside their home.

Home burglarized

Nearly $1,600 worth of items were stolen from a Sammamish home on the 200 block of Northeast Avenue sometime between 8 a.m. and 3:35 p.m. on Dec. 20. The thief apparently entered through an unlocked garage door that doesn’t latch unless slammed shut.

A DVD player, 42-inch plasma TV and a jewelry box were taken from the residence. The home owner, who noted the thief stole a pillow case off his bed to hold the jewelry, said there was nothing of value in the box.

Reckless driver nabbed for DUI

A 19-year-old male from Bellevue was pulled over for exceeding speeds of 75 mph in a 40 mph zone near the 4000 block of Issaquah-Pine Lake Road.

The officer observed the driver had droopy eyelids and dilated eyes. The teen said he was going so fast “because it was fun.” The officer smelled an odor of burned cannabis and gave off numerous clues that he was impaired. The suspect was arrested for suspicion of DUI and agreed to submit to a voluntary DRE assessment.

Mail theft

A group of community mailboxes were damaged the morning of Dec. 23 near the corner of Southeast Second Street and 214th Avenue Southeast in Sammamish.

Twelve mailboxes were pried open by a tool similar to the claw of a framing hammer. Pieces of latches were scattered around the base of the mailbox and the only mail left at the scene was junk mail and sale flyers.

Drunk in the drive-thru

An Issaquah fast food employee called and reported there was a person in the drive-thru who was possibly intoxicated. The driver was passed out in his vehicle on Dec. 24. While police were en route to the scene it was reported the vehicle left the area. Police searched, but were unable to find the driver.

Skaters trespassing

Police responded to reports of juveniles skateboarding in the Highlands Park and Ride on Dec. 28. The four skaters were informed they weren’t allowed to be in the lot. They said they understood and left the area.

Dangerous objects in road

Drivers reported objects in the middle of the 100 block of Newport Way Northeast on Dec. 29. When police arrived they found someone had placed a garbage can and recycle bin in the middle of the lanes of travel. Police removed the objects.

Holding a grudge

A woman called police Dec. 22 to report that two years ago a male yelled at her in a clothing store parking lot for almost hitting him. She said he walked across the street when he shouldn’t have. The caller had no further information but wanted police to know.

Up in smoke

There was a report of three people sitting in a white vehicle on Mount Pilchuck Avenue Southeast, possibly smoking marijuana. When police arrived on Dec. 22, the vehicle was gone. The area was checked with negative results.