Thieves steal safe in Sammamish with more than $200,000 in stock certificates inside | Police blotter

A Sammamish couple had a safe stolen from their home April 24 with a reported $234,000 in stock certificates inside. Thieves also made off with Colt 45 pistol that was inside the unmounted safe along with several expensive pieces of jewelry, making the total loss at more than $243,000.

A Sammamish couple had a safe stolen from their home April 24 with a reported $234,000 in stock certificates inside. Thieves also made off with Colt 45 pistol that was inside the unmounted safe along with several expensive pieces of jewelry, making the total loss at more than $243,000.

It appears thieves entered the home in the 1800 block of East Lake Sammamsh Place Southeast by prying open the front door and damaging the locking mechanism.


School officials at Margaret Mead Elementary contacted police April 18 to report various threats written on the walls of the girls bathroom.

Officials first discovered the words “I hate,” followed by a girls name. After that was wiped away, the phrases “I have my eye on you” and “Be afraid, be very afraid,” appeared. The vandals most recent threat said “If you tell, you will die.”

A third grade student is reported to be concerned over the vandalism. The school is currently working on finding a suspect and taking other measures to prevent further threats.


A Sammamish resident called police April 22 to report an ongoing issue with juveniles across the entrance from Ebright Creek Park. The woman said the kids have been drinking, possibly doing drugs and said that her and her neighbors keep finding used condoms. She said it’s been a daily occurrence from the time the kids get out of school until 11 p.m. at night.


A concerned citizen called Sammamish police April 27 after observing a strange man sitting in his car watching children leave Cascade Ridge Elementary.

One of the girls who walked by the caller said the man was really creeping her out. As more people started to notice him, the man reportedly left.


Officials at Issaquah-Swedish contacted police April 21 after discovering one of their patients was listed on America’s Most Wanted. The information said he was wanted for an assault in Seattle.

Dispatch called the Seattle Police and U.S. Marshalls, who said he was not wanted by them. The man, who had a warrant out of Tacoma, said he was in the processing of suing America’s Most Wanted because they refused to take down his photo.


A store manager contacted Issaquah police April 19 after a customer refused to remove his feet from his store’s furniture. When police arrived, they asked the man to leave the store in the 6000 block of East Lake Sammamish Parkway. He complied.


An 86-year-old Sammamish woman called police April 25 to report her near $10,000 Ladies Presidential Rolex watch missing.

She said she last saw the watch the first week of March and noticed it was gone on April 10. She said she keeps it in a silver jewelry case in her bathroom and always puts it there when she’s not wearing it.

She does not suspect anyone of taking it and conceded it may have been misplaced in the house.


Sammamish police were dispatched to the Good Samaritan Episcopal Church April 21 after someone broke into a vehicle during a service and stole a bag full of gaming books valued at $200. Thieves shattered the rear window and grabbed the bag that was left in plain sight.


A Vermont woman contacted police April 18 to report the theft of several valuable items during her move from Sammamish last October. The woman filed a claim with her moving company, who isn’t returning calls.

Thieves grabbed a diamond pearl ring valued at $3,600, two gold rings valued at $2,700 and diamond and pearl earrings valued at $1,200.


Issaquah police responded to a loud explosion April 24 in the 700 block of Blakely Drive. Upon arrival, officers noticed an unoccupied transient camp with a fire that had spread to a tent.

The reported explosion appeared to be from a camp stove. Eastside Fire and Rescue extinguished the fire, nobody was located in the area.


Issaquah police responded April 24 to a call of a suspicious odor in the area of Newport Way near Southeast 54th Street. The caller said he thought he smelled a “meth lab.”

Officers said they could smell something burning, but it wasn’t the chemicals the caller described on the phone.


An Issaquah man contacted police April 21 after observing a man staring at his wife from a wooded area near his home near Southeast 42nd Place and Peregrine Point Way Southeast.

When officers arrived, the caller realized the man was his neighbor and told police they were not needed.


A Sammamish woman called police April 24 to report someone broke into her home with a garden shovel.

The suspects pried the rear door of the home in the 3000 block of 206th Way Northeast. Nothing was missing from the home, but the deadbolt was damaged.


A Sammamish woman contacted police April 26 to report someone stole the license plates off her sedan the previous night.

The woman said the car was parked in front of her home in the 4200 block of 230th Way Southeast. When she awoke in the morning, the front and rear plates were missing.


An Issaquah resident reported a vehicle driving recklessly near a school on Northwest Holly Street.

He stated that it was an ongoing problem with the vehicle and believed it to be the same vehicle speeding through the neighborhood squealing its tires.