Trailhead ambassador applicants wanted to promote stewardship on public lands.

Program spokesperson says it is intended to reduce high-traffic impact on popular trails.

Mountains To Sound Greenway Trust and other partners are looking for volunteers to be trailhead ambassadors for high-volume public trails in the area.

Caroline Villanova, community & partnerships manager for Mountains To Sound Greenway Trust, said the trailhead ambassadors is a pilot program intended to help educate, promote and encourage responsible stewardship of public lands and trails among visitors.

She said the trailhead ambassadors will stay at the trailheads of the area’s most popular trails and will talk to visitors and hikers about issues that impact the health and sustainability of the trails and the ecosystems they exist in.

Villanova said common issues in highly-trafficked public lands include over-crowded parking lots, vegetation impacts from foot traffic and littering.

Trailhead Ambassadors will get to sign up for multiple trailhead locations including: Mt. Si, Rattlesnake Ledge, Poo Poo Point, Franklin Falls and Twin Falls.

She said the ambassadors are intended less to be “policing,” visitors and more intended to “inspire,” visitors to protect public lands.

“The hope is that the program benefits many different organizations, non-profit partners and the landscape,” Villanova said.

Those interested in being a trailhead ambassador can apply at:

Villanova said applicants must be older than 18, have reliable transportation and must participate in a self-paced six hours of online training.

There will also be virtual information sessions about the program on March 9th and 11th. Those interested can register here: