Vandals use Sammamish homeowner’s own spray paint to draw crude message | Police blotter

A Sammamish woman called police May 7 after finding crude drawing spray-painted in red in front of her home.

The following information was compiled from city of Sammamish police reports:

A Sammamish woman called police May 7 after finding crude drawing spray-painted in red in front of her home.

Vandals wrote the word “free,” then a peace symbol, followed by a drawing of a naked woman with a male body part on it.

The woman, who lives in the 2700 block of 206th Terrace Northeast, said her husband may have dropped the can of spray paint in the yard after purchasing it for their daughter’s school project.


A Sammamish man contacted police May 6 after a “much older” boy pushed his 6-year-old son causing a separation and fracture of the boy’s right collarbone.

The man, who witnessed the incident at the Blackwell Elementary sports fields, said he took photos of the boy with his phone so he could be identified later. Shortly after, the boy’s mother approached him,  demanding the man delete the pictures he took of her son.

He explained to her that he was keeping them in case he needed to pursue compensation for medical expenses. The woman called police because the man wouldn’t delete the photos. The man later decided he wished to report the assault to police.


A 23-year-old Sammamish man contacted police May 8 after a man and a woman made threats, accusing him of speeding 70 to 110 mph on a “family street.”

The man, who was in his driveway working on his car in the 2200 block of Southeast Fourth Street, said a woman stopped first and took pictures of his vehicle. She asked him if he had just been driving his car. He said he hadn’t and his car didn’t run because there were transmission problems.

The woman later came back with a man in his 50s, who came to the door and continued to accuse the man of speeding.

He said that when he saw the car go racing by, he wanted to “shoot everyone in the car.” The man then said if he saw the vehicle racing by again, he would come down and do something about it.


Sammamish police were flagged down the morning of May 10 after a man said he son just saw an unknown male in their cul-de-sac wearing a black mask and gloves.

The boy was in the driveway playing, when he spotted the man about 40 yards east of the home in the 26000 block of Southeast 23rd Place. The boy shut himself in the garage after he saw the man and told his father he just saw a robber.


Police responded to a Pine Lake coffee shop May 9 after a barista reported to her boss that a customer tried to made her uncomfortable when she walked to work.

The woman kept walking, ignoring the man. The man later came into the store and asked her why she didn’t acknowledge him. She said she couldn’t hear him, to which he responded “I was close enough behind you that if I had a shotgun I could shoot you.”


An Issaquah woman called police April 30 upset that a plumber hired by her apartment complex to fix her clogged toilet was “rude” and “scary.”

She said the man demanded entrance to her apartment in the 200 block of Southwest Clark Street and told her about the consequences for not fixing the problem immediately.


A woman contacted Issaquah police April 27 after witnessing a vehicle egg the car she was sitting in and drive up the street to park. The issue was handled at a “family level.”


A 40-year-old Sammamish woman called police April 30 after receiving one to two calls a day for a week where the caller just hang up and said nothing.

The woman contacted her cell phone provider and changed her number. The calls have since stopped.


An Eastlake High School student contacted police April 26 after he was unable to locate his school assigned computer.

The boy left it behind during his third period gym class and when he went back to get it, it was no longer there. No one returned the item to the lost and found. The notebook and battery were valued at more than $400.


Sammamish police responded to an incident of verbal domestic violence May 5 after a 45-year-old man pulled a shelf from a wall and threw it in the direction of his girlfriend.

The man was standing in the entry way to the couple’s shared home and the woman was at the top of the stairs. The couple, who had just ended a six-year relationship, were trying to determine how to separate mutual property.

The woman said she didn’t believe the man was trying to throw the shelf at her.