WSP warning against scam calls

“Spoofers” are faking caller IDs to trick people into giving out personal information

The Washington State Patrol is warning Washington residents that scammers are using fake numbers to trick people into giving out personal information.

According to the WSP, the scammers will identify themselves as an officer, trooper, or detective with the agency and tell people their ID is connected to a crime being investigation elsewhere. They then ask for personal information for “verification”.

This is a scam! Do not fall for it! WSP would never call and seek your personal or financial information,” the agency wrote in a press release. “These ‘spoofers’ are trying to steal from you by first stealing the reputation of a trusted community partner like WSP… In the rare occurrence that someone from WSP has a legitimate need to talk to you, the contact will not be seeking your personal or financial information and be easily verifiable by multiple means.”

If asked to verify their identity, scammers will request people to Google their name and provide fake case numbers.

WSP is investigating the situation but added these sorts of crimes originate overseas.

If you do receive a call like this, WSP advises to just hang up.