Edna Hamm

Burdie was born in South Berwick, Nova Scotia to Oscar and Mary Bishop. As a very young child she moved to San Diego, California.

She loved to perform in plays while in high school.

Burdie was married to Herb Kaylor for 40 years, and they had two daughters, Donna Brush of Paradise, Ca., and Betty Luce of Sammamish.

She was widowed, and later married Russ Cooper. They were married for seven years.

Burdie was widowed again, and married Joe Hamm. They were married for seven years, and she once again was widowed.

Her first husband owned a furniture store in Altadena, Ca., and she worked in the office.

She loved to entertain, and was wonderful cook. She loved to garden.

She loved to travel and visited all of Europe, Canada and Mexico.

She loved to play cards.

She loved to swim.

Burdie attended Lake Avenue Congregational Church in Pasadena for many years, and when she moved to Washington at the age of 90 she went to Overlake Christian Church.

She served to Lord throughout her life and helped support missionaries all over the world.

Burdie loved her family and was blessed with five grandchildren: Warren Brush, Kim Guerra, Tim Luce, Calvin Luce and Steve Luce.

She had 12 great grandchildren, Ana, Jon, Benjamin, Chris, Paul, Candice, Sam, James, Will, Nicole, Julie, and Stephanie, as well as two great great grandchildren, Christalina and Christian.

Burdie lived a long and blessed life, honoring the Lord in all of her activities.