RIP 1.30.1979 – 12.30.2016

“Please never forget me.”

Rick Gresham, Dec. 30, 2016

Rick Gresham, a resident of Issaquah Highlands, took his life on December 30, 2016. He was 37.

Rick was an avid lover of animals and campaigned against horse meat trade in Mexico and played a critical role in the Forks animal sanctuary case. He loved nature and hiking and was a talented graphic and web designer. He touched many lives.

Rick had a sad childhood and endured unthinkable hardship and abuse but he was a fighter. Rick, you inspired us. You were dearly loved. I don’t know anyone with so much determination as you had. I still can’t believe you gave up. You will always be loved. You will always be remembered. You will always be alive in our memories. We will never give up on you.