PhenQ Complete Meal Shake Reviews – Effective Powder or Scam? UPDATE

Daily hustling and bustling to catch up with goals and live a good life have left a large chunk of the world’s population eating almost nothing but unhealthy meals. Some people even try as much as they can to put their diet in check only to find themselves eating the wrong meals, which makes them feel frustrated, hence, resort back to their ‘normal’ unhealthy nutrition habits.

Meanwhile, another set of people know how to keep up with healthy living by preparing delicious and nourishing meals. But, where is the time to do that?

The truth is most people in the world today fall among these categories. However, there’s good news!

You can now suppress your appetite, burn excess fat, stay energetic, stay full all through the day and live healthily while you go about your day-to-day activities with a new nutritional supplement from the PhenQ’s team. This diet drink is no other but PhenQ Complete Meal Shake.

What is PhenQ Complete Meal Shake?

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is a diet replacement shake formulated by the weight loss supplement company, PhenQ. Just like other diet replacement supplements you come across every day, PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is made to provide you with sufficient fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals, and other nutrients to help you replace meals.

With Complete Meal Shake, you are assured of getting the nutritional equivalent of one standard meal. It is a nutritionally complete meal to help you fuel your journey. It is a delicious shake that you can enjoy at any time of the day. It is effortless to make and is usually ready in less than one minute.

Complete Meal Shake is formulated to replace regular meals. It is intended to provide users with the needed protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from their normal meals.

Some consumers use Complete Meal Shake to replace their regular meals. This is because a majority of them have little or no time to prepare their actual meal. As such, they resort to the PhenQ Complete Meal Shake.

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake consists of twenty-four vital plant-based ingredients including, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, adaptogens, vegan protein, antioxidants, and MCT oil. These ingredients help users to curb their cravings, stay energetic and burn fats all the time.

What Makes PhenQ Complete Meal Shake Different?

Considering the different weight-loss shake formulas, one finds in the market, lately, many claim to burn excess fat, boost metabolism, and put weight in check. The majority of these formulas do not do what they claim they’re capable of doing, making them different from the PhenQ Complete Meal Shake.

Here are some of the features that make Complete Meal Shake distinct from other formulas.

It has excellent flavors

Unlike some weight loss and meal replacement drinks and formulas that promise to taste good but do not, the PhenQ Complete Meal Shake makes a difference.

According to a major study, Complete Meal Shake has tested about thirty-two different variations before finally settling on its formula’s chosen taste and texture of vanilla and chocolate. A taste of the meal replacement shake will have you wanting more.

It is rich in vitamins and minerals

Complete Meal Shake serves twenty-four vitamins and minerals, 13g of healthy fat from natural MCT oil, and 16g of protein. It also contains adaptogens which are natural ingredients that provide adequate support for physical and mental stress responses.

Also, the formula contains InnoSlim, which gives backings to AMPK response and sheds about 11% excess fat.

It is more than just a meal replacement

The online market contains many diet drinks and weight loss formulas; however, most supplement drinks leave you hungry. You still crave food even after taking them.

However, this is not the case with Complete Meal Shake, as it contains sufficient vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients that will keep you nourished all through the day without the need to consume a full meal. You can include the meal shake in your daily lifestyle.

Features of Complete Meal Shake

No feelings of guilt for food cravings, and reduce excess weight with the 100% plant-based nutrition containing the following features:

  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • 100% plant-based nutrition
  • Vegan
  • Nut-free
  • Keto-friendly
  • 24 important vitamins and mineral
  • 13g of healthy fat
  • 16g of vegan protein

You don’t have a complete diet shake if it doesn’t contain the above-listed features as the PhenQ’s Complete Meal Shake.

How to Use PhenQ Complete Meal Shake

Producers of the Complete Meal Shake advise that users should mix one or two scoops of Complete Meal Shake with their preferred beverage. After then, they can replace one meal every day to activate weight loss.

Here’s how to use it:

Step One: Mix one or two scoops of PhenQ Complete Meal Shake with low-fat milk, water, or any beverage of your choice. It is usually advised that consumers use a formula containing no sugar, like unsweetened almond milk.

Also, PhenQ suggests mixing of 50.7g scoop to about 300ml to 400ml of liquid. And ensure to take at most three servings daily.

Step Two: Stir or shake well and enjoy your PhenQ Complete Meal Shake. The 16g of vegan protein, 13g of fat, and twenty-four vitamins and minerals are formulated to provide you with more strength, boost your metabolism, and quench your hunger for more and more food.

Step Three: Make sure to include PhenQ Complete Meal Shake to your day-to-day meal to enjoy maximum weight loss results.

Benefits of PhenQ Complete Milk Shake

With its nourishing ingredients, PhenQ Complete Milk Shake promises the following benefits:

  • It helps you to lose excess weight
  • Have you gained more weight over time, and you conclude it’s high time you shed some of the importance? Then, PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is the way out. There have been numerous testimonials from individuals who added PhenQ Complete Meal Shake to their daily routine.
  • If you desire to say goodbye to excess weight, it is essential to note that PhenQ Complete Meal Shake makes good use of AMPK, which is a fat-burning enzyme that will do an excellent job of reducing your weight.
  • The PhenQ team has successfully combined clinically-tested weight loss formulas and science-baked ingredients to formulate the ultimate meal replacement shake.
  • Each serving of this supplement consists of about two hundred and sixty-nine calories which supply you with a nutrient-dense meal with no overloading calories.

It helps improve natural energy.

Another vital benefit PhenQ Complete Meal Shake offers is that it allows you to gain more energy naturally. This is possible because of the MCT oil contained in the meal supplement. The MCT oil is extracted from coconuts, and findings have shown that this oil helps boost energy, improves one’s level of thinking, and has other significant effects.

It replaces a complete meal

Just as its name implies, Complete Meal Shake is formulated to replace one whole meal. It is a good meal replacement shake containing proteins, adaptogens, vitamins and minerals, and other vital ingredients one can barely find in different weight loss formulas on the market.

It is best for on-the-go duty

If you are the active type who hardly has time to prepare a meal, there is no need for mincing words that such a person would find it challenging to fix healthy shakes and meals into their daily lifestyle. That is why PhenQ Complete Meal Shake has been labeled the ideal on-the-go choice.

You can purchase it, and be sure to get the perfect meal replacement shake no matter how busy you get through the day.

It intensifies your muscle strength

With its 16g vegan protein, PhenQ Complete Meal Shake will supply your muscles with the maximum strength it needs to carry you through your day-to-day activities. The truth is, after your workout routine, your body requires sufficient protein to rebuild its muscle fibers.

Also, if you’re planning to lose weight by working out, you need enough protein to help support endurance and recovery. PhenQ recommends the usage of ashwagandha to support muscle strength. According to a particular study, KSM-66 ashwagandha proves to improve muscle strength by about 138.7%.

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake Ingredients

Below is the whole ingredients contained in the PhenQ Complete Meal Shake. It ranges from minerals, vitamins, and nutrients in every serving of the meal.

  • 240mg of calcium (30% DV)
  • 500mg of potassium (25% DV)
  • 24mg of vitamin C (30% DV)
  • 250mg of InnoSlim
  • 1.50mg of hemp protein
  • 210mg of phosphorus (30% DV)
  • 13g of coconut oil MCT
  • 112.50mg of magnesium (30% DV)
  • 4.20mg of iron (30% DV)
  • 4.80mg of vitamin B3 (30% DV)
  • 3.60mg of vitamin E (30% DV)
  • 1.80mg of vitamin B5 (30% DV)
  • 420mcg of vitamin B6 (30% DV)
  • 420mg of vitamin B2 (30% DV)
  • 300mcg of copper (30% DV)
  • 330mcg of vitamin B1 (30% DV)
  • 60mcg of folic acid (30% DV)
  • 240mcg of vitamin A (30% DV)
  • 45mcg of iodine (30% DV)
  • 16.5mcg of selenomethionine (30% DV)
  • 22.5mcg of vitamin K2 (30% DV)
  • 12mcg of chromium (30% DV)
  • 13g of coconut oil MCT
  • 1.5mcg of vitamin D3 (30% DV)
  • 0.75mcg of vitamin B12 (30% DV)
  • 11g of linseed flour
  • 12g of pea protein
  • 1.50g of brown rice protein
  • 300mg of KSM-66 ashwagandha
  • 100mg of reishi mushroom extract (with 30% polysaccharides)
  • 1.50g of hemp protein

It is also important to note that each serving of Complete Meal Shake consists of the following:

  • 15.96g of fat
  • 254 calories
  • 15.52g of protein
  • 4.98g of carbs
  • 0.8g of salt
  • 2.4g of sugar

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake Pricing

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors. So, you can purchase two bags of Complete Meal Shake for the rate of $83.34. Importantly, you can also choose to subscribe to save up to ten percent when you purchase as many bags of PhenQ Complete Meal Shake per month.

  • One-Time Purchase costs $83.34 for two bags
  • If you intend to add an extra bag to your previous Purchase, at the cost of $36.66


Manufacturers of Complete Meal Shake recommend that you buy a ninety or one hundred and eighty-day supply for you to get the anticipated slimming results. This is because, over the days of usage, the natural ingredients will have the chance to do the appropriate work in your body.

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake Money Back Guarantee

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake offers a sixty-day refund policy on every Purchase. If for any reason at all, you do not get the expected satisfaction from your Purchase, then you can request a complete refund without any questions asked.

All you need to do is, reach out to the customer care team for questions or a complete money-back of your Purchase.

Company Contact Info

PhenQ is a weight loss supplement brand under the Wolfson Brands Limited family. Apart from selling the PhenQ Complete Meal Shake, the company also sells the PhenQ diet tablet (its flagship weight loss supplement).

As of writing, PhenQ claims to have almost two hundred thousand satisfied customers to its products. Should you have any further questions, or you wish to learn more about the company, you can reach out to them via the details below:

  • Company Address: 12 Payne Street, Glasgow, United Kingdom G4 OLF
  • Phone Number: +1(646) 513 2632


With Complete Meal Shake in either vanilla or chocolate flavor, you’ll indeed have an effortless way to meet your dietary needs while at the same time boosting your nutrition levels.

Formulated with 24 essential vitamins, minerals, MCT oil, polyphenols, vegan protein, antioxidants, adaptogens, PhenQ Complete Meal Shake comprises ingredients that help you suppress appetite, boost your energy, and helps shed excess fat.


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