Making connections on the volleyball court

Issaquah’s May enjoys her time with the Eagles.

Team equals family.

The Issaquah volleyball bonding began as the squad laid out the proverbial stepping stones pointed toward team chemistry and success during tryouts in August. They practiced hard every day, said junior outside hitter Abby May, and three months later they were traversing a path to the state tournament.

May, who stands 5-foot-10, elaborated on the Eagle family ties: “If there’s anything that we don’t like about something that someone did, we go up to them and ask them about it. So we always are on the same base, keep in touch with each other. I think we’ve done a really good job at communication, fixing things that have come along the way, so we’re real close.”

Issaquah was set to compete in the 4A state tournament at press time and May said the Eagles are having fun the whole way this season, including during a five-set victory over Mount Si to punch their ticket to state. May hammered a kill to notch the final point in the epic battle.

“We know that we always play better when we’re having fun and not stressing too much. I think that’s what helped us power through the fifth set,” May said.

Volleyball bounced onto May’s radar in the fourth grade when she began her journey at a Boys and Girls Club. Over the years, she played with the Island Thunder Volleyball Club and now jumps into action with Sudden Impact Volleyball.

May enjoys teaming up with the other five girls on her side of the court during matches.

“Volleyball’s the sport where you need to be connected at all points of the game and so teamwork is really important, which makes us closer to each other. I think that the team chemistry is really strong in volleyball, so I love that,” she said.

The Reporter asked May a series of questions to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into her life:

What super power would you like to have?

Probably to be able to fly and see over the landscape. It would be pretty.

What’s your favorite kind of music?

Probably pop-soul. (Also artists) Ed Sheeran, Billie Eilish, Adele, Alicia Keys and Shawn Mendes.

What’s your personal motto that you bring to the court or to each day?

Work hard to get a little bit better every day because the more effort you put in, the more results you’ll see in your play or in school.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

My parents always tell me that as long as I’m putting in effort, they’re proud of me. Just keep trying your hardest and things will eventually come your way.

What’s your favorite restaurant in the area?

The one I go to the most is Jimmy John’s, I go there a lot before games.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

I don’t like rude people. I just don’t see the need to be mean to anyone.

If you could go to dinner with one person, who would that be?

Billie Eilish. She’s one of my favorite artists. She’s really good at blocking out the haters and just doing her own thing. Being herself and not worrying about what other people think of her.