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William Shaw is General Manager of the Issaquah Reporter and Snoqualmie Valley Record. Contact: wshaw@soundpublishing.com.

Let us give wings to nonprofits and charities in Issaquah and beyond | William Shaw

COVID-19 and the delta variant continue to cast awful shadows on our families and neighborhoods, on our businesses and our way of life. However, this… Continue reading


The results are in!

Best of Issaquah 2021 results

We had almost 1,100 voters and 12,000 submissions. Most popular categories: Best Coffee Shop, Customer Service, Hamburgers, Non-Profit, Fine Dining, Park, Mexican Cuisine, Pizza, Family Restaurant and Lunch.


The Best of Issaquah nominations are now live at https://vote.issaquahreporter.com

Best of Issaquah is back

The Nomination Round is now live!


Sound Publishing committed to supporting growing businesses | Publisher’s Desk

Sound Publishing committed to supporting growing businesses | Publisher’s Desk

The Seattle area is home to professionals in a multitude of disciplines offering their expertise to those who are looking for opportunities to learn. We… Continue reading

Sound Publishing committed to supporting growing businesses | Publisher’s Desk

It’s never too late to thank a veteran | Editorial

Sound Publishing recognizes and thanks all our uniformed service members, veterans and military families. During the 50th and 40th anniversary of the Vietnam war, we give special recognition, thanks and honor to our Vietnam veterans and their families.

We must be alert to drowsy driving | Editorial

Gov. Jay Inslee has proclaimed Nov. 1-8 as Washington State’s Drowsy Driving Prevention Week. During the busy holiday season, we urge all drivers to be aware of their fatigue before getting behind the wheel of a car. Get some rest and save a life.

An impartial resource | Editorial

At the Issaquah/Sammamish Reporter, we feel that with our mission to educate our readers about the candidates, we have a greater responsibility​ not to endorse​, but to ​be a ​valued and impartial ​resource​ that will empower​ your vote with knowledge.

Editorial: We want to hear from you

As Issaquah and Sammamish’s local news source, our mission is to educate, inform and enlighten, and to strive to be a voice for the communities. Every day our goal is to tell the stories that matter to Issaquah and Sammamish, and to provide insight into what’s affecting our diverse and evolving cities and the people who live and work there.

It’s time for Washington to wake up to the realities of drowsy driving

Gov. Jay Inslee has proclaimed Nov. 2-9 as Drowsy Driving Prevention Week in Washington State. While this proclamation is a significant step towards drowsy driving awareness and prevention, there is much more that needs to be done to keep this pandemic off of our roads and highways. We must change attitudes about drowsy driving first.

Connect, support our neighbors in wake of explosion | From the Publisher

After the terrible explosion that tore a hole through downtown North Bend ​in the wee hours of April 25, I urge my fellow Eastsiders, both individually and as a business community, to come together to help not only these individual ​Snoqualmie Valley​ businesses and their employees, but also the city of North Bend in its efforts to heal and spring back. ​

Turf War: Issaquah and Sammamish must emphasize their shared destiny

It’s become a testy time in the backyard relations between Issaquah and Sammamish. Water, fire service and annexation issues have officials and residents of both cities finding fault with each other. It shouldn’t be this way. Beyond the shared backyard fence, there is much more that unites the two cities than separates them.

Cast your vote this election to connect, rebuild

I was reminded of my trip to our nation’s capital two years ago this week. At one point on my sojourn, my nose was mere inches away from the most important document in America: The Constitution. In 1787, our founders permanently expressed in ink and sheepskin what had slowly formed in their hearts, minds and action during the 11 very challenging years before. This four-page document was the legal blueprint and defining principle of our nation — a radical ethos that started with just three very simple words. It wasn’t ‘We the Republicans’ or ‘We the Democrats.’ It wasn’t ‘We the Tea-Party’ or ‘We the Super-PACS’ and especially not ‘We the Millionaires (or their Corporations). It was ‘We the People’.