Bladder Relief 911 Review (2024 Update) Actually Works or Unproven Ingredients?

Ray Conrad is a 51-year-old insurance salesman – with a weak bladder. He would wear adult diapers to help him contain his urinary incontinence and stop him from smelling like urine every day. Ray’s bladder problems resulted in a massive drop in his quality of life.

He had to visit bathrooms at gas stations and restaurants every hour of the working day to pee. His problem stopped him from playing sports, enjoying hobbies, and even going out with friends. Worst of all, it put pressure on his relationship with his wife, Bonnie, causing him to withdraw from sex.

Do you have a similar problem? Do your bladder problems leave you feeling frustrated and full of shame? Bladder problems can keep you up at night when you have to run to the bathroom every hour. A lack of proper sleep impacts your quality of life and well-being, leaving you tired during the day.

Eventually, you’ll feel bitter at life and slip into depression, just like Ray. Fortunately, Bladder Control 911 offers the solution you need to get your bladder under control.

Introducing Bladder Relief 911 – Stop the Urge to Pee All the Time

A weak bladder and urinary incontinence aren’t as uncommon as you think. More than 33 million men and women in America have this problem. However, it’s uncomfortable to admit, so you’ll never hear anyone confess.

Most people with this problem visit their doctor for advice and a cure. However, there’s not much the physician can do for you other than recommend medication and changes to lifestyle factors like quitting drinking alcohol and smoking. They’ll tell you to get more fiber and lose weight.

In some instances, they may recommend surgery. You don’t need any of those remedies, and most of them won’t help your situation anyway. Ray Conrad teamed up with Daniel Armstrong from PhytAge Labs to create a natural supplement to resolve issues of urinary incontinence and bladder infections.

Bladder Relief 911 can help men resolve issues with urinary incontinence and is also beneficial for women. This proprietary blend of natural ingredients improves bladder control by up to 98%. In clinical trials, 94% of users stated taking Bladder Relief 911 improved their UTI symptoms, and nighttime bathroom visits decreased from four to five trips to just one.

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What Are the Ingredients in Bladder Relief 911?

Bladder Relief 911 is a blend of purposefully selected natural extracts clinically proven to eradicate bacterial infections in the bladder and improve bladder and urinary function. Here are the four ingredients in every dose of Bladder Relief 911:


D-mannose has potent antimicrobial properties that eliminate bacteria in the urinary tract, preventing them from invading the bladder wall where they cause bladder dysfunction and incontinence.

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Dandelion Root

Dandelion extract has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Decreasing levels of systemic inflammation in the bladder reduces incontinence symptoms and minimizes infection risk. The micronutrients in dandelion extract tighten the bladder sphincter, resolving incontinence issues to stop your need for adult diapers.

Cranberry Extract

This extract is a rich source of polyphenol antioxidants that cleanse the body and remove free radicals that cause cell oxidation. Cranberry extract contains A-type proanthocyanidins (A-PACs) that support urinary tract health. The cranberry PACs stop bacteria adhesion to the bladder wall, preventing infection.

Hibiscus Flower Extract

This extract has a powerful antimicrobial effect on the bladder, eradicating bacterial infections. You get protection from bacteria, fungi, and viral contaminants that cause UTIs. Hibiscus flower extract also helps the body cope with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, steadily eliminating the pathogen from your bladder and urinary tract.

Manufactured to International Quality Standards

Every batch of Bladder Control 911 comes from an FDA-approved manufacturing facility following cGMP guidelines and international quality standards. All ingredients are tested with third-party labs to ensure purity and efficacy. You get a safe supplement with no side effects or cross-contamination of ingredients.

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How Do I Use Bladder Relief 911 & What Results Can I Expect?

Take one capsule of Bladder Relief 911 in the morning, with or without food. It takes around 30 days for the ingredients in the formula to reach the saturation point in your body, where it starts to create a noticeable effect.

After four to six weeks, you’ll start feeling less urgency to pee all the time. The effect takes 8-12 weeks to kick in, and then you can stop using adult diapers and waking up at night to use the toilet. Your incontinence disappears, and you won’t have underwear that smells like urine.

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Men and women resort to desperate measures to get their bladder function under control. Some spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on medication, surgery, or behavioral therapy to help them overcome their condition.

Sadly, none of these treatments are guaranteed to resolve the issue. Now, you can regain control of your bladder health and function with Bladder Relief 911 for an affordable price.

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All orders are covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your results, please contact customer service to discuss the return policy or any other questions you may have.

  • Telephone: 1-800-822-5753
  • Email: wecare@phytagesupport.com

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Bladder Relief 911 – FAQs

Q: Is Bladder Relief 911 suitable for men and women?

A: Yes. Bladder Relief 911 is suitable for men and women who want to stop their incontinence symptoms and get their bladder health back under control. There are no hormonal ingredients in the formula that interact with the endocrine system, and no reported side effects.

Q: What are people saying about their results with Bladder Relief 911?

A: 13,206 Americans are already seeing benefits from using Bladder Relief 911. Visit the official online store and read the testimonials from men and women discussing how this potent supplement improved their lives.

Q: Can Bladder Relief 911 reduce my reliance on medication for the issue or help me avoid surgery?

A: Yes. With regular supplementation, you can avoid the need for medications and avoid going under the knife. This natural remedy eliminates bladder bacteria, strengthens the urinary system, and resolves incontinence and frequent urination.

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Q: Do I get guaranteed results with Bladder Relief 911?

A: Yes. Ray Conrad and PhytAge Labs are so confident you’ll experience actual results that they’re offering you a 90-day money-back guarantee on your order of Bladder Relief 911. If you don’t see results, refund your bottles for a full refund. Not only do you get a three-month risk-free trial, but if you don’t get results, PhytAge Labs will give you an additional $100 on top of the refund. For more information, contact customer service via:

  • Email: wecare@phytagesupport.com
  • Telephone: 1-800-822-5753
  • Returns Address: PhytAge Laboratories, 285 Northeast Ave., Tallmadge, OH 44278

Q: Is PhytAge Labs a reputable brand?

A: Yes. PhytAge Labs has more than 820,000 satisfied customers in countries around the world. Try Bladder Relief 911 and become the next success story!

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