What are Actual Consumers Saying About The Genius Wave Secret?

Do you ever wonder why you don’t seem to capitalize on the opportunities in your life? Have you ever looked at opportunities in life and said, “If only I did this..” Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. We’ve all been programmed this way by a system we’ve been immersed in for all our lives.

What causes some people to do better in life than others? Is it just blind luck, or is there something to it? What if we told you that the people who make something of their lives all have one thing in common?

These people all know how to tap into the theta brainwave and improve their brain plasticity. Brain plasticity defines our existence and what we think is possible in life. When something seems too far out of the range of our capabilities, we tend to retreat in fear. What if it doesn’t work out for us, then what?

Increased brain plasticity allows you to embrace the risk in life and make calculated plans to achieve what you want. It places you in a vibration of abundance, effortlessly attracting the things you want in life to you.

Whether your dream is to make a billion dollars or find the perfect partner, our results depend on our perception of life and what we expect. By accessing the theta state, you unlock the Genius Wave and change your outcomes in life.

The Genius Wave – The Science for Unlocking Your Genius Potential

Dr. James Rivers is the mind behind the Genius Wave. He’s spent 34 years as a neuroscientist with an accomplished career. His work specialized in working with children, and that was when he came across a study by NASA talking about brain plasticity in children.

The study shows that 98% of kids under four show genius potential, and this potential slips as we age. When kids are young, they believe anything is possible, and their mind is alive with opportunities. They can create their own reality and shape their life experience around them.

However, as we age, the system the elites constructed around us pulls us back toward our current reality when our environment shapes our experience. In this state, the brain is no longer plastic, and we don’t have a chance to change our behavior or life experience.

So, why do kids exhibit this behavior or high brain plasticity/It’s because their mind vibrates at a specific frequency, known as the theta state. As we age, we experience less of the theta brainwave state, and that causes the brain to lose its plasticity.

By accessing the theta state regularly, we can improve brain plasticity as adults. When our mind is plastic and vibrating at the right frequency, we can attract anything we want to us. Manifesting things we want in our lives becomes easy, and we can break free from the conditional training implanted in our minds from our formative years as children.

The Genius Wave gives you a conduit to unlocking your true potential and achieving your destiny. But how do we access the theta state? Is it possible, and why doesn’t everyone do it?

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Activating the Theta State to Access the Genius Wave

The elites have understood the importance of accessing the theta state for centuries. However, they’ve kept this information to themselves to help them control the masses and continue their domination of the world’s resources and people.

If you examine the lives of successful individuals, you’ll notice they have a common theme – they all wake up early, usually around 4 am. That’s because the brain is in the theta state at this time of day, and it allows these individuals to carry that state into the rest of their day, shaping their reality around them as they move through their environment.

Most of us don’t have the energy to wake up this early. We also don’t have the patience and focus after a hard day at the office to go through an hour of meditation to improve our brain plasticity. Most of us just want to sit on the couch and relax as we zone out in front of the TV.

However, this approach to life means we’ll never achieve our true purpose and mission. We stay trapped in the rat race, and we never break free. That’s where the Genius Wave comes into play. This audio program gives your brain the vibrational frequency it needs to tap the theta state on demand.

You experience all the brain plasticity benefits from this program without the need to meditate for hours or wake up at 4am.

With the Genius Wave, you can create your reality and control your destiny to a life of abundance and prosperity.

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The Genius Wave – 7 Minutes to Change Your Vibration

Dr. Rivers created the Genius Wave program after discovering Nikola Tesla’s work and how it influenced NASA research. He spent years trying to put together the system to help people leverage the power of the universe and their minds to achieve what they want in life.

The result is the Genius Wave Audio. This downloadable file is available for Android and Apple devices and desktops. All you have to do is listen to this 7-minute audio every day to get your mind into the theta state and improve its plasticity.

How Much Does the Genius Wave Cost?

The Genius Wave is currently selling for $39.00, and can be automatically downloaded after the purchase has been completed. Each purchase of The Genius Wave comes with three free bonuses.

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Commit to the Genius Wave Today with a 90-day Risk-Free Trial

It’s time to commit to the Genius Wave. This doctor-approved program promises you guaranteed results. Dr. Rivers doesn’t need your money, and he’s willing to prove that to you. You get a 90-day money-back guarantee on your order.

So, why is Dr. Rivers charging money for the Genius Wave anyway? He realizes the power of the “Law of Fair Exchange.” This law states that to receive something of value, you must part with something you value – in this case, it’s money because most people value it highly.

By parting with $39 for the Genius Wave, you commit something you value to the course. So, you’re more likely to see value in it and implement it in your life. If you get it for free, you’ll just put it aside and never get around to using it.

Since you get a 90-day risk-free guarantee of the Genius Wave, what is the financial risk involved anyway? You either make it happen, or you get a refund. What do you have to lose?

To get started on the refund process, contact customer support at:

  • support@thegeniuswave.com

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Prepare for Prosperity with The Genius Wave

When you listen to the Genius Wave, your subconscious mind absorbs the vibrational frequency. It slowly shifts the frequency your thoughts create each day, completely changing the reality around you as you move deeper into the program.

As you listen to the audio, your brain plasticity improves, and you start to manifest what you want in life. There are over 18,000 users of the Genius Wave, and you can be the next success story. All you need to do to receive the benefit of the Genius Wave is make your payment, download the audio to your phone, and listen to it once a day.

Listen to the Genius Wave when you’re in a quiet sport and have some alone time. Focus on the audio; it sounds like a white noise, but your subconscious mind experiences it very differently from your conscious mind.

Keep your training up every day and listen to the audio as often as you can. The results vary between users. Some people get fast results, while others might take a few weeks. You’ll know it when the results show up; the coincidences are hard to ignore.

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