Plenty of blame for the mess we are in

A recent letter by Michael T. Barr about unions was nothing more than a right-wing attack on unions. Please sir, no more of the right-wing conspiracy theory.

Both parties are to blame for the mess we are in. If you haven’t noticed, the Democrats have been running this state in the ground for awhile now. Yes, the greed of the unions has caused financial problems for this state, not the right wing.

What is the first thing that the Democrats throw out when they want to raise taxes? The old scare tactic – we are going to cut police service and teachers will have to be fired. That comes from the left, not the right.

Do not blame the right for the mess this state is in, but take a look at the left. Who has put us in a very large hole? It’s about time for the voters to wake up and put some checks and balances by electing some more Republicans. We do not need anymore tax and spend liberals.

Fred Caponigro, Sammamish