We deserve better than Reichert’s avoidance of town hall meetings with constituents | Letter

I’m writing to voice my displeasure and frustration with Rep. Dave Reichert and his congressional staff’s failure to follow through with promises to constituents who have called his office with concerns regarding current issues such as the Affordable Care Act replacement, the president’s ties to Russia, the president’s budget — the list is long. A statement of the rationale behind Mr. Reichert’s positions and votes is something his constituents deserve.

Since Mr. Reichert refuses to hold town hall meetings, one of the ways that his constituents can have their voices heard, and to get clarity on his positions, is to call or write the congressman’s office. It’s understandable that the volume of calls and emails have increased dramatically over the past few weeks. That’s of the congressman’s own doing.

He can update his website to address these concerns or hold town hall-style meetings, or he can have his staff follow up with responses back to his constituents. He and his staff have taken none of these avenues for explaining the congressman’s positions.

I can report that his staff is very friendly and courteous over the phone. However, they do not follow up their assurances with actions. We deserve better.

Mike Landi