Arctos Portable AC Reviews: Is It Worth Buying or Waste of Money?

While summer is a perfect season for the outdoors, its raging heat compels everyone to avoid the high temperatures outdoors. Every year, the temperatures keep rising during summer, making it difficult for most people to enjoy the sunny rays. A healthy range of sunshine is a good source of vitamin D.

However, the sweltering summer heat makes it intolerable for people to enjoy getting their natural vitamin D. Even with mainstream air conditioners in homes, the household energy bill goes up because the units require more power to achieve consistent cooling for the entire house. To bridge the gap, many people are turning to portable air coolers.

This Arctos Portable Air Cooler review is about a new device that helps users cool their personal space while saving energy. Does it work? Where can users get it? How much does it cost? Keep reading this review to learn more about Arctos Portable AC.

What is Arctos Portable AC?

Arctos Portable AC is a personal portable air cooler and humidifier. It can reduce the temperature of the user’s personal space to the lowest level based on the user’s choices. The device has fan modes that offer different speed levels—low, medium, and high depending on the user’s preference.

In summer, people need reliable portable air coolers like Arctos to help cool their personal spaces. Additionally, the portable air cooler allows users to increase or decrease the fan speed based on what suits them. It also has adjustable louvers that direct airflow in a particular direction.

How Arctos Portable AC Works

The Arctos Portable Air Cooler works as both an AC and a humidifier. The environment in a room using standard air conditioners can remove the moisture from the air and results in dry skin, lips, and nasal passages.

The best way to eliminate the dry air is to use an Air Cooler in the house, which they can carry around wherever they go.

According to its official website, Arctos Portable AC is a reliable portable air cooler that delivers personal satisfaction in hot summer. It has become popular among consumers and is currently trending online and offline.

Unlike the conventional air conditioners that require heavy cleaning, Arctos requires no continuous cleaning with much effort. As a humidifier, Arctos adds moisture to the air and, by simple filtration, eliminates dirty air while cooling down fresh air.

Arctos Outstanding Features

Arctos Portable AC exhibits many features that make it a great product. Here are its features:

Optimal Safety

By its design, the portable AC is powered by a DCV 5 plug and into an outlet. This makes it safe and reliable. Users have reported no water leakage while using Arctos.

Filtration Process

Arctos Portable AC uses a high filtration technology filter, which enables it to remove dirt and warm air while releasing fresh cool air.

Easy to Use

Unlike traditional air conditioners that are not cost-effective and are challenging to maintain, Arctos Portable AC is simple to set up and requires no complicated process. Add water to the 450ml top-fill water tank and place the filters inside. Once this is done, you need to choose a fan speed, switch on the air cooler, and enjoy the cool breeze. Besides, it’s easy to maintain. Users must clean the device once a week by removing the filters from the backside. It’s only cleaned once a week if the device is used regularly.


The Arctos Air Cooler is noise-free. After switching it on, it works quietly in the background. It doesn’t interfere with the user’s operations, whether it’s an office or a child’s bedroom.

3 Fan-speed Options

The device comes with three adjustable fan speeds, which allow the user to choose a speed that suits their needs. For instance, those who want extreme cooling can select the high-speed option. It’s easy to adjust from low to medium to high according to the user’s choices.


Benefits of Using Arctos Portable AC

The Arctos Portable AC delivers the following benefits:

  • It offers different levels of cooling depending on the user’s choice
  • It has adjustable louvers that direct cool air to where the user wants it
  • It serves a dual function—an air conditioner and a humidifier
  • It’s less noisy yet quite powerful
  • It’s portable and easy to carry around
  • It comes with a 450ml water tank that takes only a few seconds to fill
  • The manufacturer offers a 60-day moneyback guarantee on all orders for those who are dissatisfied with the device

Arctos Portable AC Drawbacks

Like any product on the market, the device has its share of downsides:

  • It’s available on the official website only
  • It might be out of stock soon because of increased demand

How to Use the Arctos Portable AC

As mentioned earlier, the device is easy to use. You can get started in the following three steps:

  • Put the portable AC on a flat surface, attach the power cord, and plug the other end into a power outlet.
  • Please remove the filters from the drawer and soak them in water before returning them to the drawer.
  • Add water to the tank and select a fan speed setting

Enjoy a cool breeze instantly

Arctos Portable AC Pricing

Arctos Portable AC is available on the official website at the following prices:

  • Buy 1 Arctos Portable AC at $89.99
  • Buy 2 Arctos Portable ACs at $179.98
  • Buy 3 Arctos Portable ACs at $201.99
  • Buy 4 Arctos Portable ACs at $246.99

Notably, the Ontel manufacturer offers a 60-day moneyback guarantee on all orders. This means it’s a risk-free purchase as users can ask for a refund if they are unsatisfied with the product by sending an email to:

  • Arctos@rephelpdesk.com

Arctos Portable AC Final Word

With the affordable Arctos Portable Air Cooler, consumers should not worry about the hot weather. According to its official website, Arctos Portable AC is designed to deliver cool fresh air during summer. Its compact shape and lightweight design suggest that users can carry it around to any area of their choice for additional cooling.

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