Best Testosterone Boosters: Testo Booster Supplements Compared

It’s no secret that your body needs testosterone to boost energy, improve muscle growth, support fat burning, and improve overall sexual health.

While some people naturally have lower testosterone levels, others have low testosterone due to genetics, age, diet, or lifestyle. People usually believe that boosting testosterone levels is not possible without the side effects of anabolic steroids.

However, that’s not the case. Today, there are numerous testosterone boosters available in the market that people use to boost their testosterone levels without resorting to anabolic steroids.

Besides boosting testosterone levels, you can support weight loss, build muscle, increase energy levels, and promote overall sexual health. This is possible because testosterone is the hormone that is associated with a person’s fertility, muscle growth, and sexual health.

While there are so many testosterone booster supplements to choose from, it can be challenging to select the one that suits your requirements. To help you figure out, we’ve compiled a list of the twelve best testosterone boosters you should consider buying in 2022.

The Top 12 Best Testosterone Booster Supplements in 2022

After extensive research, analysis, and discussion, our team has finalized the following twelve best testosterone booster supplements:

  • Testogen
  • Prime Male
  • Testo Prime
  • Testo Fuel
  • TestoLab Pro
  • Hunter Test
  • Barbarian XL
  • JayLab Pro T20
  • Testo-Max
  • TestRX
  • Testo 911
  • Testodren



Testogen is one of the best testosterone boosters in the market to boost energy levels, muscle growth, and overall sexual performance. It also helps lose weight and build lean mass. In addition, this supplement doesn’t contain steroids; therefore, it naturally boosts your testosterone levels.

Simply take four pills of this supplement twenty minutes before your breakfast daily to enjoy tremendous health benefits. This supplement is formulated in the US Food and Drug Administration approved facility.

On top of that, this formula comes with a three-month money-back guarantee and uses 100% safe and natural ingredients, including:

  • Fenugreek
  • Herbal extracts
  • Minerals
  • Nutrients associated with higher testosterone levels
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin D3
  • Nettle leaf extract

With natural ingredients, fantastic benefits, and no side effects, Testogen might be your ideal choice if you’re looking for a testosterone booster.

Prime Male


Prime Male ranks among the Internet’s most popular testosterone boosters. It comes with a higher dose of testosterone-boosting ingredients than most supplements on our list. According to the makers, this formula can boost your testosterone levels by 42% within two weeks.

Taking this supplement daily can boost your sexual performance, enhance confidence, avoid mood swings, promote a healthy blood pressure level, increase energy, and build lean muscle. Take four Prime Male capsules after a meal daily to enjoy incredible health benefits.

On top of that, this supplement comes with an option of fast shipping worldwide and a three-month money-back guarantee.

Besides using a potent ingredient, Luteolin, that balances luteinizing hormone to boost testosterone production naturally, this supplement contains the following:

  • Bioperine
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Boron (as an amino acid)
  • D-aspartic acid calcium chelate
  • Nettle root extract
  • Vitamins D3, K2, and B6
  • Asian red ginseng

Look no further than Prime Male if you’re looking for a testosterone booster supplement with top-notch ingredients and tremendous benefits.

Testo Prime


Another well-rated testosterone booster, Testo Prime, contains potent dosages that we don’t see in other supplements on our list. This formula comes in the form of a capsule. By taking four pills before breakfast daily, you can support weight loss, build lean muscle, handle mood swings, alleviate stress and anxiety, and boost mental health.

In addition, this supplement contains FDA-approved, natural ingredients and comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee. This allows you to request a refund if you’re unsatisfied with the supplement’s results.

When it comes to ingredients, Testo Prime contains the following:

  • 0.28oz of Panax ginseng
  • 0.07oz of D-aspartic acid
  • 0.028oz of fenugreek extract
  • 0.023oz of ashwagandha extract

All these ingredients and their heavy dosages make Testo Prime one of the most potent testosterone boosters. Testo Prime might be perfect for you if you’re looking for a testosterone supplement with high doses.

Testo Fuel

This high-profile testosterone booster, Testo Fuel, aims to enhance your testosterone levels by targeting your body’s natural anabolism using natural ingredients. This supplement comes as a capsule. Take four pills (in an instructed time gap) daily to burn fat, boost mental and physical strength, support muscle growth, etc.

Testo Fuel is unique because people of all ages can use this supplement for long-term sustainable results. On top of that, this formula comes with a three-month money-back guarantee, allowing you to request a refund if you’re unsatisfied with the supplement.

Regarding ingredients, this supplement contains top-notch, natural, and safe compounds for its formula, including:

  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamins D, K2, and B6
  • Oyster Extract
  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Ginseng
  • Fenugreek extract

Overall, Testo Fuel is a dominating force in the testosterone supplement space that many people use to boost their testosterone levels.

TestoLab Pro

TestoLab Pro is one of the elite testosterone boosters that many people consume to boost athletic energy levels and performance, support weight loss, and build lean muscle. This supplement also helps reduce man boobs, enhance stress response, improve bone density, and boost overall sexual health.

Each TestoLab bottle comes with one hundred and twenty capsules. Simply take two capsules in the morning and two in the evening to raise testosterone circulating through your body.

In addition, this formula undergoes a third-party lab test for potency and purity. It also comes with a one-month money-back guarantee, which means you’re entitled to a refund if you’re unsatisfied with the results.

The vital ingredients of TestoLab Pro are as follows:

  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Ginseng
  • Vitamins B and K2
  • D-aspartic acid
  • Fenugreek
  • Oyster extract

This supplement is ideal for those looking to boost testosterone levels while supporting weight loss and muscle growth.

Hunter Test

Hunter Test aims to boost your testosterone from multiple angles using active ingredients associated with testosterone production. This formula is backed by several positive reviews online and is a go-to choice among testosterone booster consumers.

Taking six capsules daily can alleviate pains aches, boost confidence, enhance brain functioning, increase muscle size, increase libido, and promote overall sexual health. On top of that, this supplement comes with a three-month money-back guarantee.

Regarding ingredients, Test by Hunter contains the following:

  • Zinc
  • Ashwagandha
  • Magnesium
  • Asian ginseng
  • Vitamins D and K2
  • Indole-3-carbinol
  • Boron chelate
  • D-aspartic acid

Together, these ingredients support testosterone production in multiple ways, making it one of the best testosterone boosters on the market.

Barbarian XL

Zenith Labs, a renowned brand, formulates a top-notch testosterone booster called Barbarian XL. This supplement stands out among others because it’s developed and endorsed by a Doctor, Ryan Shelton (Chief Medical Officer at Zenith Labs).

Taking two capsules of this formula daily can boost testosterone production naturally, ease anxiety and stress, and enhance immunity – all by using natural ingredients with no side effects.

In addition, Barbarian XL comes with a six-month money-back guarantee, making it one of the top choices among testosterone supplement consumers.

When it comes to ingredients, this formula is packed with the following:

  • Boswellia resin extract
  • Korean red ginseng
  • Asphaltum (Shilajit)
  • Vitamins D and B6
  • Zinc
  • Ashwagandha extract
  • Magnesium

Barbarian XL dominates the testosterone supplement space with top-notch ingredients, doctor-endorsed formula, and fantastic benefits.

JayLab Pro T20

If you’re looking to take your workout game to the next level, JayLab Pro T20 will be perfect. This formula boosts testosterone levels with just thirty seconds of supplementation per day.

By taking two capsules of T20 daily, you can boost your energy levels, enhance athletic performance, improve libido, and accelerate your workout routine. On top of that, this formula contains ingredients that we don’t see in other testosterone boosters.

With a price tag of only $40, T20 is also one of the most affordable testosterone supplements. On top of that, this formula comes with a two-month money-back guarantee, allowing you to request a refund if you’re unsatisfied with the product.

When it comes to ingredients, T20 contains the following:

  • Longjack extract
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Cordyceps Sinensis
  • L-norvaline
  • Avena sativa

Overall, T20 is a top-notch testosterone supplement with an affordable price tag, unique ingredients, and phenomenal health benefits.


A renowned brand, Crazy Bulk, formulates this top-drawer testosterone booster called Testo-Max. This brand is well-known for producing high-profile bodybuilding supplements, including supplements that support cutting, bulking, and boosting strength.

By taking four capsules twenty minutes before your breakfast daily, you can enhance testosterone production, boost metabolism, support weight loss, speed up recovery, and build lean muscle. One thing to note here is that you can get rapid results from Testo-Max in a short time.

According to the makers, this is formulated as a natural alternative to high-powered supplements. On top of that, it comes with a two-month money-back guarantee.

Vital ingredients Testo-Max contains are as follows:

  • Herbal extracts
  • Magnesium
  • D-aspartic acid
  • Bioperine
  • Korean red ginseng
  • Fenugreek
  • Vitamin D3
  • Nettle leaf extract
  • Minerals
  • Nutrients linked to your body’s testosterone production

All these ingredients combine to support your testosterone production in multiple ways. If you’re looking for a supplement that uses natural ingredients and works as an alternative to high-powered formulas, you should consider Testo-Max.


TestRX is a top-rated testosterone booster that helps reduce the production of cortisol hormone, speed up recovery from overworked joints, build muscle, and reduce body fat – all by using natural ingredients.

This formula comes in the form of a capsule. Simply take four capsules two times a day to enjoy excellent health benefits. Another benefit of TestRX is that people of any age can use it to raise libido, boost testosterone, and improve overall sexual health.

Each bottle of this supplement contains sixty capsules, having a two-month money-back guarantee that allows you to request a refund if you’re unsatisfied with the product. In addition, TestRX includes the following ingredients:

  • Vitamins D3, B6, and K2
  • Zinc
  • Fenugreek seed extract
  • Magnesium
  • D-aspartic acid
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus

Overall, TestRX is one of the top testosterone supplements with top-notch ingredients, a massive fan base, and phenomenal health benefits. It should be your go-to choice if you want to buy a testosterone supplement.

Testo 911

Testo 911 is one of the best supplements by PhytAge Labs to support libido and muscle growth while targeting various wellness goals. According to the makers, this formula can enhance your energy levels, boost testosterone levels, improve metabolism, aid blood flow, and reduce inflammation.

Simply take two capsules of this supplement daily to enjoy incredible health benefits. On top of that, this formula comes with a three-month money-back guarantee, meaning you can claim a refund if you’re unsatisfied with the results.

In addition, Testo 911 contains all-natural and safe ingredients to support your health goals, including:

  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Eurycoma longifolia
  • Diindolylmethane (DIM)

If you’re looking for a well-known testosterone booster with high-profile ingredients and excellent health benefits, look no further than Testo 911.


A renowned brand, PrimeGENIX, has recently launched this testosterone booster called Testodren. This supplement aims to boost brain health, handle mood swings, enhance stamina and energy levels, and boost physical strength by using natural ingredients.

This supplement works as an alternative to those testosterone boosters that only partially work and have severe side effects. Testodren is entirely safe with no side effects, making it one of the best options to consider for healthy testosterone production.

Though this supplement doesn’t contain many ingredients (like other testosterone boosters), it still gives tremendous benefits. Vital elements of Testodren include:

  • Furosap
  • Trigonella foenum-graecum

Factors We Considered For The Best Testosterone Boosters

With every testosterone booster claiming to boost testosterone, muscle growth, weight loss, etc., using natural ingredients, it’s not easy to choose the best supplement. To separate the best testosterone supplements from average ones, we considered the following factors to list our top testosterone boosters of 2022:


The primary aim of testosterone boosters is to work similarly to anabolic steroids using natural, safe, and legal ingredients. While some testosterone boosters contain amino acids and herbal extracts, others use minerals, vitamins, and nutrients associated with testosterone production. While some supplements use science-backed ingredients, others do not. With this in mind, we prefer testosterone boosters with safe and natural ingredients.

Unique Formula

Zinc and vitamin D are the essential testosterone-boosting ingredients. Both of these are found in an average multivitamin. While you can buy multivitamins for $10, testosterone boosters cost more than $40.

However, there’s more than zinc and vitamin D that testosterone boosters offer. Therefore, we preferred testosterone supplements with unique formulas containing more than just zinc and vitamin D.

Potent Dosages

Many testosterone supplements contain science-backed ingredients but with lower dosages. For instance, a testosterone booster might just have 0.0007oz of Tribulus Terrestris. In contrast, the top testosterone boosters use potent dosages of 0.007oz to 0.035oz.

Whether you’re big or small, you always want the best testosterone booster with substantial dosages – and that is what we considered while selecting the best testosterone boosters.

Honest Advertised Benefits

Many testosterone supplements claim unrealistic health benefits, including doubling your testosterone, supercharging muscle mass, etc. On the other hand, the best-rated testosterone boosters are marketed to boost testosterone levels naturally, but they won’t significantly increase your testosterone.

We selected testosterone supplements that valued transparency and honesty and ignored those with unrealistic advertised benefits.

Safe Side Effects

Most natural testosterone supplements contain legal and safe ingredients that are not associated with side effects. As long as you consume these supplements as per the recommended dosages, you’ll be able to take them daily safely.

However, be wary of testosterone boosters with solid doses of stimulants, hidden ingredients, and other issues. With this in mind, we gave the edge to well-rated supplements with safe and natural ingredients.

Brand Reputation

Some testosterone supplement manufacturers add harmful stimulants to their products, tricking you into believing that their formula works. On the other hand, some testosterone booster companies use scams like auto-ship, etc., to max out your credit cards.

We preferred testosterone supplement brands with a proven track record of producing high-quality supplements and avoided those still learning their trade.

Cost and Value

Testosterone supplements have always been more expensive than other supplements on the market. You have to pay more for a testosterone booster than protein powders or multivitamins.

However, some testosterone supplement brands still offer top-notch boosters at affordable prices. Whether you pay $40 or $100 for a testosterone booster, you should get good value for money in return.

While we weren’t biased toward a specific price tag, we preferred testosterone supplements that provide excellent benefits regardless of their price.

Benefits of a Testosterone Booster

There are plenty of benefits that people enjoy by taking testosterone boosters. From boosting testosterone levels to improving overall sexual health, there’s a lot that testosterone supplements have to offer.

Here are some significant reasons why people take testosterone boosters:

  • It boosts testosterone levels while enhancing muscle growth
  • It increases physical and mental energy levels
  • It helps regain the energy and vitality that you had when you were younger
  • It increases focus and confidence
  • It enhances athleticism
  • It boosts metabolism to help you lose weight and burn belly fat quicker
  • It reduces inflammation
  • It boosts libido, virility, and overall sexual performance

The most important thing to note here is that testosterone boosters provide tremendous benefits without severe side effects. They use legal, natural, safe ingredients to replicate the effects of anabolic steroids with no side effects.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that testosterone boosters work as an alternative to anabolic steroids, which are illegal and linked to dangerous side effects.

Moreover, one thing to note about testosterone levels is that they drop as we grow. Your testosterone levels tend to decline as you progress through your 30s and 40s. As a result, your sexual performance is affected, and you might gain weight. In contrast, some people get other visible symptoms of low testosterone levels, such as flabby bellies.

Remember, testosterone boosters won’t just automatically fix all the issues related to your testosterone levels. You can’t just entirely rely on these boosters, expecting results without particular workouts or diet changes.

Testosterone boosters complement an exercise routine and diet to help raise your testosterone levels safely and legally.

Side Effects of Testosterone Supplements

There’s no denying that testosterone supplements may lead to mild side effects in some people. The chances of side effects increase if you don’t take these supplements as per their recommended daily dosages or exceed the recommended daily dosages.

Besides that, another reason testosterone boosters may lead to side effects is to use supplements from disreputable brands. Some of these brands use high levels of stimulants, unlisted dosages, or dangerous ingredients that might lead to severe side effects.

However, as long as you’re using testosterone supplements from well-rated brands, you should not experience any side effects when taking these supplements.

Before taking testosterone boosters, it’s best to consult your doctor and discuss your plans with them. Tell them about your intentions of taking a specific testosterone booster and get their approval.

The Top 12 Best Testosterone Booster Supplements in 2022 Final Words

Our body needs testosterone to boost muscle growth, promote weight loss, improve overall sexual health, etc. It’s no secret that our testosterone levels go down as we grow older. Some people have low testosterone levels due to age, diet, or lifestyle. In contrast, some people naturally have lower testosterone levels than others.

Many people opt for anabolic steroids to combat these low testosterone level issues. However, that’s not the best idea since these steroids are associated with dangerous side effects. This is where testosterone boosters come into play. They are formulated to replicate the effects of anabolic steroids using safe, legal, and natural ingredients.

Every testosterone supplement claims to provide excellent benefits; however, not all live up to their expectations. If you’re looking for a top-notch testosterone booster, check out the list we’ve created above.


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