Golden Revive Plus (GR+) Review [UpWellness] Dr Joshua Levitt 21 Day Revival Book

Is chronic pain preventing you from sleeping and enjoying life or affecting your mental health? Millions of adults are dependent on analgesics to fight pain. Others opt for expensive surgeries to treat joint pain and stiffness. Golden Revive Plus from Upwellness Company is a dietary formula comprising natural ingredients to clear discomforts. Is it effective? Is GR+ worth the price?

What is Golden Revive Plus?

Dr. Joshua Levitt from Upwellness Company is the formulator of Golden Revive Plus. It supposedly comprises clean ingredients to fight inflammation and pain in adults of all ages. Joint and muscle issues can halt your active life and make you dependent on over-the-counter painkillers.

To reclaim mobility, Dr. Joshua recommends treating the root cause of pain, muscle tension, stiffness, and joint issues. Golden Revive Plus is a daily capsule that floods your system with nutrients that clear inflammations and augment joint health.

Dr. Joshua Levitt boldly states that the formula is carefully tested, and all its ingredients are scientifically proven to augment joint health in multiple ways. The active plant extracts in GR+ are also backed by centuries of use in traditional medicine among the Sherpa community in the Himalayan Mountains. The components in the formula support mobility in aging folks and reduce the risk of joint injuries.

The ingredients in Golden Revive Plus are carefully blended to improve muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, and tissues for better mobility. Similarly, regular use of GR+ reduces the risk of developing vascular issues because it promotes better heart health.

How Does Golden Revive Plus Work?

Inflammations, muscle stress, and tendonitis are some of the root causes of joint issues. Healthy inflammations enhance healing. However, unhealthy inflammation levels cause swelling and pain and prevent recovery. Golden Revive Plus can treat pain, improve joint flexibility, and lower discomfort.

GR+ boosts vascular health, providing the tendons, ligaments, tissues, joints, and muscles with adequate nutrients. Better circulatory health also clears unhealthy inflammations, thus increasing recovery and improving mobility.

Golden Revive Plus has anti-inflammatory ingredients that help fight unhealthy inflammations and boost recovery after an injury. Similarly, the joint formula supports better joint lubrication, thus enabling users to reclaim their active lives. GR+ relieves pain and discomfort because it has antinociceptive (pain-reducing) properties. According to the manufacturer, it can also help fight rheumatoid arthritis, improve cognitive health, and aid digestion.

Golden Revive Plus Key Ingredients

Dr. Levitt states that all Golden Revive Plus ingredients are safe and from clean sources. Additionally, they are in the acceptable clinical dosages to offer users multiple benefits. The key ingredients include:


It contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that fight pain. Some studies show that Quercetin can reduce pain caused by arthritis. Similarly, it enhances flexibility and mobility by augmenting the production of synovial fluid.


It is a natural ingredient found in turmeric roots. Curcumin has been clinically shown to be an effective pain management agent and may augment joint health and lessen muscle stiffness. However, it is not readily bioavailable and is often combined with piperine for maximum absorption.


Piperine is a natural alkaloid common in many painkillers. It has antinociceptive features and may alleviate rheumatoid arthritis. Piperine may also help support the digestive tract and support the absorption of other nutrients.


Multiple studies indicate that it is a natural anti-inflammatory and may aid in relieving multiple types of pain. Bromelain has shown clinical promise, but more rigorous studies are needed to determine the ideal dosage and treatment period.


Boswellia has been used to treat osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and ulcerative colitis. More research is needed, but it has shown promising results when treating various ailments; it has been used in traditional Indian medicine for centuries as a pain reliever.


Magnesium is a trace mineral, a natural antioxidant that protects the cells against harmful free radicals. It also strengthens the bones and improves the muscles’ health.

Golden Revive Dosage

GR+ dietary supplement is easy to consume. The recommended dosage is one capsule twice a day for improved health. Golden Revive Plus consists of natural ingredients and is unlikely to cause any side effects. However, you should consult a physician before use if you are on prescription medication, especially blood thinners, as there may be an increased risk of drug interactions while using those medications.

Golden Revive Plus Benefits

Dr. Levitt assures users that it can help them reclaim their active lives.

  • It may begin to provide pain-relieving effects within minutes
  • It can reduce muscle tension and augment mobility
  • It improves the production of synovial fluid, thus boosting joint lubrication.
  • Helps increase the overall immune system.

Golden Revive Pricing

Upwellness is selling Golden Revive Plus on its official website. The manufacturer is currently offering attractive discounts on all purchases.

  • Buy one bottle of Golden Revive Plus for $57
  • Buy three bottles of Golden Revive Plus for $45 each
  • Buy six bottles of Golden Revive Plus for $33 each

There is also the option to save an additional 10% if you sign up for the subscribe & save service.

If you are not seeing the advertised benefits within 60 days, the creator recommends asking for a full refund. Read the Golden Revive Plus money-back policy on the official website to understand the terms. You can contact customer service for any additional questions or concerns:

Final Thoughts

Golden Revive Plus is a doctor-formulated oral supplement that can fight pain in the joints and muscles. It has natural ingredients that support better blood movement, improves lubrication, fortifies immunity, and support flexibility. Why wait – visit their website to order your bottle of Golden Revive Plus today!


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