Liver Support (Bridport Health) Reviews

Liver Support is an oral supplement from Bridport Health that may help improve the health and function of the liver without having to give up alcoholic beverages entirely. It is not a remedy for hangovers or liver disease, but it can nourish this essential organ with natural ingredients.

What is Liver Support by Bridport Health?

The body is built to withstand a lot of chaos, but most people take it for granted. Whether drinking alcohol serves as a social lubricant or a symptom of depression, it can lead to addiction for some people. With these years of imbibing, anyone who has spent time in a health class or Alcoholics Anonymous knows the damage that can ensue.

However, alcohol can do more than just damage your relationships and driving record. Over the years, drinking large amounts of alcohol can also lead to serious health complications. Rather than stressing about the damage that may have already been done, consumers can use Liver Support by Bridport Health. This supplement doesn’t tell you to quit drinking as other products do, but it makes the liver strong enough and supports enough to still handle the occasional glass of wine. The formula helps people move away from the potential for cirrhosis of the liver, which would prevent them from ever drinking again.

To establish this support, consumers will get a balance of essential ingredients that are totally natural and scientifically proven to be effective.

What Ingredients Does Bridport Health Include in Liver Support?

Liver Support includes as well as other ingredients that are generally beneficial for good health:

  • Alpha-lipoic acid
  • Milk thistle
  • Ashwagandha
  • L-cysteine hydrochloride
  • Green tea extract
  • Turmeric
  • Dandelion extract

Alpha-lipoic acid is included for its antioxidant benefits, eliminating toxins and heavy metals from the body. It eliminates the inflammation that can impede weight loss, damage hormone levels, and hold onto more fat. It also can help regulate the production of leptin, which is the hormone that tells the user that they’re full. It shows clinical promise in treating some forms of liver disease.

With milk thistle, users get even more antioxidants, and it is highly recommended for individuals who want to improve their metabolism or promote detoxification. It supports healthy digestion, taking the stress off the liver and other organs associated with elimination.

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen which helps the body reduce stress. Studies show that it has a positive effect on liver function.

L-cysteine hydrochloride is an essential amino acid. It supports the gastrointestinal tract and converts into glutathione when it reaches the liver. It supports detoxification, and it supports the immune system.

Green tea extract helps with liver function. It has tons of antioxidants and can improve enzymes that are directly associated with better liver health.

Turmeric is one of the most popular spices to find its way into the supplement industry. It supports liver health by reducing inflammation and purging heavy metals’ build up.

Finally, there’s dandelion extract, which has been used for years as a diuretic. It also promotes balance between the stomach, kidneys, gallbladder, and liver.

Buying a Bottle of Bridport Health’s Liver Support

Bridport Health is only offering Liver Support on their official website. They offer a few packages, with discounts increasing if you order in bulk:

  • Buy one bottle for $49.97
  • Buy three bottles for $134.91 ($44.97 each)
  • Buy six bottles for $239.82 ($39.97 each)

For consumers who order now, the creators are offering two bonuses – the 17-Day Liver Cleanse Plan and Sleep Well. These two guides will be delivered over email.


Frequently Asked Questions About Liver Support by Bridport Health

Is Liver Support meant only for individuals who drink alcohol?

This formula was made with the intention of helping consumers who regularly drink alcohol. Luckily, users who want widespread support for their liver could also benefit from this formula.

If users are worried about their liver, should they ask their doctor for a blood test or liver scan?

Absolutely. Health concerns should always be brought to a doctor. Getting a blood test or liver scan can also give you a baseline to see improvement after taking Liver Support.

Is it safe to share Liver Support with other concerned drinkers?

Absolutely. Spreading the news about a remedy that can help consumers with potential liver concerns is always a promising idea. However, it is up to each person to make a move for themselves to improve their health.

What if users don’t feel like they are getting the liver support they were advertised?

Most people don’t know there’s anything wrong with their liver before it is too late. However, consumers should always consider the advice of the doctor when it comes to any essential organ.

What other ways can consumers improve their liver health?

In a perfect world, consumers would be able to get access to fresh and organic foods. Preservatives from processed foods can build up, causing more damage than good. Eating more fruits and vegetables is a great step towards improved health for the liver and the rest of the body.

The customer service team can be reached by sending an email to support@bridporthealth.com.


Liver Support helps consumers to rejuvenate their liver after damage sustained from alcohol consumption. The formula doesn’t require consumers to stop drinking entirely, but it supports the health and strength of liver function with ingredients that can nourish it. Using this formula doesn’t require you to make changes in your routine, though it is important to drink less alcohol to truly support healing. Visit the Bridport Health website today to start restoring your liver health with Liver Support!