Drunk driver nearly crashes through downtown apartment door

An alleged DUI driver gave Issaquah’s Olde Town residents a scare late Friday after his truck crashed through a garden fence and came to a rest inches from an apartment building door.

Issaquah police arrested a 40-year-old Ronald Anderson at around 11 p.m. on suspicion of driving under the influence near the rear of several townhomes on the 500 block of East Sunset Way, near Flintoft’s Funeral Home & Cemetery. According to police, the man was driving home in his truck, a black Chevrolet Silverado, into a small parking area of his apartment building and attempted to stop, but instead careened forward through the fence. The vehicle became stuck on a cement foundation under the fence surrounding sunken garden area, stopping just short of a sliding patio door.

“It was obvious, and he admitted it,” said Issaquah Sgt. Jeff Johnson.

As police conducted their investigation work and a tow truck winched the truck out and hauled it away, annoyed residents stood outside the apartment townhomes in the chilly night air. One of the female residents — who declined to give her name — tried to lend support to the suspect’s girlfriend standing nearby.

“Yeah, we’ve had problems with this guy before,” she said.

Police said the suspect later registered .208 on a breathalyzer test, far above the legally permissible .08 blood alcohol content level. He was booked on the DUI charge and also held on an Everett DUI warrant at the Issaquah Jail.