Woman shoots herself during traffic stop on I-90

Police believe a woman committed suicide after a Washington State Patrol officer initiated a standard traffic stop on I-90 Tuesday morning.

Kara Hinrichs, 23, of Bothell reportedly shot herself in the head after a domestic dispute with a boyfriend, said Trooper Cliff Pratt.

The woman was allegedly driving recklessly Eastbound I-90 in a 2001 Saturn, when her closely following sisters called police for help.

When the officer arrived and signaled for Hinrichs to stop, she pulled over near mile post 17 in Issaquah.

“We do hundreds of thousands of traffic stops like this every year,” Pratt said.

As soon as the rookie officer stepped a foot on the ground, he heard the gunshot, Pratt said. It’s a hard way to start a career.

Hinrich had a clean police record. She did however serve in the U.S. military in Iraq, and had knowledge of how to handle a firearm, he said.