Celeste Gracey

U-Pick pumpkin season opens Saturday in Issaquah

A stock broker from Southern California, Glenn Dutro was looking for something a little bit different when he stumbled on the Trinity Tree Farm just south of Issaquah. He could work anywhere with Internet and a phone. So they bought the home with its 40 acres of Christmas trees, and embraced the farmer’s work schedule.


Issaquah switches to LED bulbs in street lamps

When Issaquah couldn’t find a company willing to retrofit its decorative downtown street lamps with LED lights, the last thing it expected was to design its own.


Truck trailer fully engulfed in flames on highway 18

A FedEx trailer burst into flames on State Route 18, killing the 60-year-old driver.


Proposed district tax has Issaquah neighbors worried about losing their homes

Adrift in a sea of office buildings and box stores, Susan Cameron’s 1920s farmhouse has become an island of sorts in the Issaquah valley. She was raised in the home as the last direct descendent of the Bush family – which settled in Issaquah during the Civil War – and it’s her hope to someday die there. However, a proposed tax has her and husband, George, fearing the worst, that they’ll lose their home to taxes.

In wake of shooting threat, Skyline students remind each other to “be nice” | Video

As detectives are hitting dead ends in their pursuit of person behind the Skyline shooting threat, students are beginning to unify around a simple response – be nice.

Skyline to reopen Friday, similar gun threats posted for years

As FBI agents and the Sammamish Police Department narrow in on the suspect who threatened to shoot up Skyline High School, the district has decided to resume classes Friday.

Adult store robbed at gunpoint in Issaquah

Police are looking for a man they believed robbed a sex shop at gunpoint in Issaquah Thursday at about 11:30 a.m.

Capri Cellar focuses on tasting flights, boutique wineries

Michele Steele was hosting a wine tasting party with a group of girlfriends, when she first heard the idea for what’s now become Issaquah’s only wine shop. As they sipped and snacked someone blurted, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could do this for a living?” As a wine lover, it seemed like a dream. As a sales representative and former product distributor, it seemed possible.

Pickering Garden hopes to harvest a ton of produce for food bank

When Kristin Meijer wanted to start an organic garden at her home, she knew she had a lot to learn, but didn’t quite know where to start. So she began volunteering with Tilth, a nonprofit focused on sustainable urban gardens.

Student RND think space about creating technology now, not after college

When Jack Kim learned Google made $9 billion last year, he began to wonder what would happen if some of that money went to nonprofits.

Dam impressive | Issaquah Hatchery prepares for 75th anniversary celebration

Perhaps the saddest part of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery dam is watching red Coho attempt to jump it and land instead on a 10-foot buttress.

Foundation key to Issaquah district’s success | Reporter’s Notebook

A few years ago I was assigned to cover a controversial school board meeting in Renton. The room was packed with angry families, who each took a turn berating the board. Then a teacher from Dimmit Middle School took the podium.

Issaquah district elementary schools each received thousands of new books

Susie Smith, a literacy specialist, browsed through the 3,600 new books in Issaquah Valley Elementary’s hidden book room, pleased with the accomplishment. New literacy curriculum is a rare site. It’s been 10 years for Issaquah. This round of new lessons isn’t just about having books with bindings intact, it’s an opportunity for elementary teachers to approach reading with a new philosophy: All students don’t learn at the same pace.

Superintendent Steve Rasmussen on charter schools, budget and upcoming school year | Reporter Q&A

The Reporter sat down with Issaquah School District Superintendent Steve Rasmussen to discuss his perspective on goals and issues the district is facing in the new school year.

Non-profit collaboration gives 1,000 backpacks to Issaquah students in need

Brandy Serna could hardly see over the tops of the tables covered in backpacks. She circled a couple minutes, trying to find her favorite when her eyes locked in on a black one. She pulled the supply-laden bag down, stumbling from the weight of paper and pencils inside.

Motormen training for fall opening of the Issaquah Trolley line | Photos

In the Issaquah garage a motorman, his shirt splotched with oil, makes a few final adjustment to the trolley before starting up its generator. It’s the final day of testing on the old railway, and being among the men who restored the car, he’s ready to take the inspector’s final questions.

High marks on state assessment for Issaquah district schools

State assessment scores released Aug. 29, show Issaquah School District students are continuing to exceed their peers.

Hope Against the Odds: A 4-year-old’s battle with Mitochondrial Disease

Already the mother of two premature babies, Tricia Berstch knew what developmental delays looked like. But her newborn son, Calvin, was struggling with something more. It wasn’t just the hole in his heart, sleep apnea or eyes so crossed he’s needed two surgeries. He slept so long she could hardly wake him to eat, and his acid reflux was so severe he needed feeding therapy. Calvin would turn two, before doctors would discover he had Mitochondrial disease (Mito). His cells don’t produce enough energy, often sending him into metabolic crisis.

Issaquah rebrands, ditches ’90s-styled logo for a Salmon

The City of Issaquah has done away with its ‘90s retro style logo this month, as an overall effort to rebrand the city as it rebuilds its website.

Police: No foul play in Sammamish woman’s drowning

Police don't believe there is any foul play in the drowning of 66-year-old Barbara Mitchell in a pond along Pine-Lake Road on Aug. 8.